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“Vindictive President”-Debbah Describes Weah

by News Manager

MONROVIA: A former playmate of President George Manneh Weah on the Liberian National Soccer Team, Lone Star, who is also a Cousin of the President, James Salinsa Debbah, has opened up against his family member for not governing Liberia well

President Weah and Cousin Debbah played competitive football in the mid-1980s for Liberia’s two main soccer rivals, Invincible Eleven (IE) and Mighty Barrolle.

However, Debbah described President George Manneh Weah as the most vindictive leader that ever existed in the history of the Liberia’s body politics.

He said, President Weah, over the years has failed to accept criticisms on some of his pitfalls, from as far back from his playing days on the soccer field up to the Liberian Presidency.

Debbah, who during his soccer era was famously referred to as “Liberia’s most celebrated player” added that President Weah miserably failed to reconcile with his fellow colleagues who had been with him during his footballing days.

“The President is the President but he is also my cousin, he has a lot of shortcomings; he hardly accepts criticisms and he is very vindictive,” Debbah mentioned.

According to him, there is a vast difference between former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and President Weah when it comes to reconciliation. Mr. Debbah maintains that as vindictive as former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was, yet she accepted others in her government.

Debbah wonders how President Weah will face River Gee County Senator-elect, Jonathan Boy-Charles Sengbeh, after years of bad blood which has existed between the two since their footballing days.

President Weah, Senator-elect Senbeh and Debbah Played for the Liberia National Team, Lone Star, for nearly a decade.

“The problem had never been with Boycharles, it has been with the President, he should be the one leading the drive for reconciliation,” Debbah stated.

Following his defeat from the just-ended December 8 Montserrado County bye-election in electoral District #9, Debbah took to his social media page with a write-up, warning his Cousin President Weah to rise up because time is running out for him.

James Salinsa Debbah: “Mr. President!!! Your time is running out but I believe you still have time to make amends with your people…the Liberian people! Stop all the BULLSHIT, no more SINGING or PREACHING, pay more attention to the basic necessities of the Liberian people.

Hate me or love me but I will always tell you the truth. Your real friends are those who will tell you the truth, not those gravy seekers and leeches around you. Your real friends are those who have been in your entourage the last 30yrs, those who broke bread with you from the very inception. Open your eyes Mr. President!!!”
He said, “The Liberian people are suffering, some barely eat a day yet those in the circle of the President are flourishing at the cost of the ordinary people.”

Meanwhile, some Weah’s died-hard loyalists refuted Debbah’s claims, describing him as one of most selfish Liberians on planet earth. “President Weah has assisted more Liberians and friends than Debbah during the ‘rich’ days in Europe,” one social media follower of President Weah said in response to Debbah’s assertions.

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