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Nimbaians Raise Insecurity Fear…Seek GOL’s Timely Intervention

by newsmanager

NIMBA CO.: As the use of mob justice and other crimes are on the increase in Nimba County, the people of Nimba County have called for adequate security manpower to address the situation.

During an interaction discussion with President George Manneh Weah on Monday, in the City of Gompa, the citizens formally presented a petition to the Liberian leader, highlighting the rise of criminal activities in the county and the urgent need for the government to deploy more security personnel in the county to ensure law and order.

The Nimba Citizens, among other things, mentioned that the lack of logistics, low manpower, coupled with lack of funding are serving as major impediments in the operation of the liberia National Police (LNP) and other security personnel assigned in that part of the country.

“Mr. President, we are appealing to you to please prioritize the security of our county, because our people’ livelihood is being threatened on a basis daily,” the head of the CSOs in Nimba County.
The Nimba Citizens further averred that the issue of drugs abuse is on the increase as several young people are involved in taking harmful substances.

According to them, if nothing is done to address these vices which pose serious threat to the future of the young people and the county’s growth, things will fall apart.
Further commenting, the people of Nimba cited the issue of land disputes, arising from illegal land sales by some unscrupulous individuals in the county.

“Mr. President, we want your government to institute appropriate measures or laws that going forward, anyone found in such act is arrested for prosecution within the ambit of law, they said.
On concession operations in the county, the CSO presented to President Weah the need to review the ArcelorMittal concession agreements. According to the aggrieved citizens, the company is not living up to the expectations of the people of Nimba.

“The price of iron ore in the world market is gradually experiencing a sharp increase, as such, Mr. President, we the people of this county, need to experience the benefit of said increment in our social corporate development funds from ArcelorMittal.”

In response, President George Weah thanked the citizens for coming up with issues affecting their well-being while committing his government’s willingness to address their plight.
“As for the Arcelor mittal concession company, we are in discussion with them, to ensure that the people plights are addressed,” Pres. Weah said.
He said his administration is working with every concession company aimed at making the Liberian people plights top priority.
The President speaking in Karn-play on Tuesday however admonished members of his cabinet to go back into the community and help the poor people.
“I will begin to inspect every nukes and cranium of our country to ascertain the work done by those in government,” the President said.

The Liberian Chief Executive on day five of his maiden county tour rains praises on the media for the high level of professional reportage being exhibited throughout his county tour.
“Mr. Finance Minister, I hope you are following the good media reports, please take note; because they too deserve our support this 2021,” President Weah asserted with a smile.

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