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Senate Pro -Temp Urges Mining Companies To Help Enhance Development

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BARCLAYVILLE: Grand Kru County Senator and President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert Chie has urged mining companies operating across the country to provide assistance to communities affected by their operations .

Pro-Tempore Chie, during a visit over the weekend to one of the popular mining sites in Parluken , specifically, Ma Mary Village, frowned on the deplorable condition of the road leading to Forpoh, the seat of Parluken Statutory District.

The Pro-Temp is currently touring Grand Kru, ahead of President George M. Weah’s arrival, as part of his nationwide tour.

The Grand Kru Senator urged local authorities to ensure that small companies that are engaged in mining activities help recondition the major roads and meaningfully contribute to the development of the communities in which they operate.

“I was told that members of the Armed Forces of Liberia are here, and their presence is intimidating the authority, so I am here to find out. If it is true, as a senior government official, I will make sure the necessary actions are taken. It is totally out of their call to duty.

“For the rest of the other mining activities, I am not here to do the job of the Mines and Energy Ministry, they will come and do their job,” Chie said during his visit.

In response, the President of Forpoh Mining and Agriculture Cooperative Society, H. Mogarbe Williams, told the Pro-Temp that personnel of the Army were present in the area, but their mission was to recondition the roads, following which, according to Mogarbe, the force immediately left.

He categorically denied the presence of AFL soldier in Forpoh, as alleged by some members of the public.

Pro-Temp Chie, at the same time, indicated that amidst the bad road connectivity in Grand Kru, there is a need for citizens to remain patient as the Central Government exerts efforts to pave the road from Buchanan-to-Greenville, and the Barclayville-to- Harper corridors.

He emphasized that the current government has gotten commitment from some of its development partners to have the South Eastern Liberia roads constructed.

“As you may be aware the cost to construct a one mile road is about US$1 million and we are told that the corridor from Buchanan to Pleebo is about 300 miles and the one from Ganta is about 350 miles, so to fix all the major roads leading to the South east will cost government about US$ 600 million.

“We are pleased that the African Development Bank has approved US$50 million for the Buchanan corridor, so we are contemplating on starting the road from Barclayville to Greenville,” Pro-temp Chie disclosed.

As part of his outreach in the county, Pro-Temp Chie had meetings with citizens in Niplalkpo, Wakpo, Worwleeken, Doesween ,Jratiken-Wropluken, Gbarken, Cherboken, Parluken and Ghegbete and also graced several appreciation programs in Sariken, Ma Mary , Bolloh Newtown, Barforwein and Nyankunkpo, amongst others.

During his visit to Grand Kru County, the problems of bad roads, lack of teachers, communication network coverage, and other basic social services were key among many of the citizens’ concerns, according to the State-owned Liberia News Agency.

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