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Weah Gets Tough… Mandates All Superintendents to Produce Three-Year Performance Reports Or….

by News Manager

Monrovia-On day four of his maiden county tour, President George Manneh Weah has mandated all superintendents in the country to bring forth their respective performance reports for the last three years of his administration, or risk unspecified actions.

Speaking on Monday, February 15, 2021, in Gompa- Nimba County, President Weah stated that such reports will inform his government on how to proceed relative to the governance of the Liberian nation as well as prioritizing areas of national development that need urgent attention.

President Weah said he is currently reviewing the files of all cabinet ministers and those benefiting from his appointing power in a bid to discover individuals who are either working or against the best interests of the Liberian people.
“I am reviewing the files of those in my government. I want to know, the people who are performing and those who are not; by that, I can be able to make decisions either to direct or re-direct during the time of reshuffle,” he declared.

The Liberian Chief Executive indicated that among the many ministerial files which are undergoing review; anyone found as it relates to lapses which may be tantamount to under-performance; he will take swift but appropriate actions to protect the image of his administration.

President Weah reiterated that the primary objective of his administration is to seek the best interest of the ordinary people through impactful developments as laid down in the mantra of the government flagship development program, styled: Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity.
President Weah made these statements in the wake of mounting public calls for him to reshuffle his cabinet, bringing on board more capable and experienced Liberian professionals and technocrats aimed at injecting more dynamism, efficiency and productivity in the operation government.

Following the December, 8 2020, Senatorial Elections, which witnessed the massive defeat of candidates of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), of which he(President Weah) is the political leader, particularly in Montserrado County, conversations were reportedly ignited within the CDC top leadership for the removal of officials of government who are reportedly underperforming.

Citizens, inclusive of members of the country’s opposition community and independent observers have also tied the electorate’ actions against the Weah-led administration at the December 8, polls to brazen acts of corruption allegedly involving some state officials, appointment of individuals without impeccable moral characters to key state positions, poor fiscal and monetary policies among many others.

Some of the people whom the public claimed are underperforming were identified through local radio talk shows and other public gathering. Among them are Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Doe Tweah; Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor, Aloysius Tarlue; National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director, Bill Tweahway; Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue; State and Presidential Affairs Minister, Nathaniel Mcgill among others.

In the face of a nosedive economy, and skyrocketing prices of basic commodities, other Liberians believe that the Weah-led government’s macro-economic policies, emanating from the current Heads of the CBL and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning are not in the interest of the vast majority of poverty-stricken citizens and as such, their removal will bring relief to the struggling economy.
The security sector and other micro-economic areas under the George Weah administration are said to be facing serious setback due to the lack of proper management when it comes to the performance of some of the key officials in the sector.

However, as the debate for reshuffle intensifies, President Weah has also hinted that he was unaware of Minister Samuel Tweah’s controversial salaries harmonization scheme which has allegedly affected several civil servants income negatively.

Though the President alluded that the salaries harmonization process is good for the economy; he notes: “You know my fellow citizens, during my inauguration, I made a pledge to cut my salary by 25%; when I did that, I didn’t know my finance minister was planning to harmonize our salaries.
When he did that, and later came to me, I asked him, why you did not consult me before going ahead,” rhetorically, he asked.

Meanwhile, President George Weah, as part of his six counties tour receives a rousing welcome in Nimba County, while encouraging citizens to remain peaceful and avoid acts that are counterproductive to sustaining the peace.

He wants Liberians to stay peaceful amidst our differences arising from politics, and other issues, stressing that a round-table discussions geared towards amicable solutions are vital to the sustenance of peace and democracy in Liberia.

“My fellow citizens, I want to thank you for reposing your confidence in me and trusting me with the leadership of this country; I can assure you that I will not let you down,” he said.
President Weah added: “maintaining the peace for the last three years since UNMIL’s departure from this country, was only made possible because of you and not me, this is why I want you to talk to your children to remain peaceful and avoid mob justice in our country”.

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