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As It Mourns Bishop Harris Demise: CMC Blames Ellen for Structural Problems In Liberia’s Governance

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MONROVIA: The faith-based media group, Christian Media Center (CMC) says, Liberia has lost one of the leading figures of the Christian community.

The CMC in a release issued recently says, Bishop Sumoward Harris, a long-term serving Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Liberia death has created a void in Liberia’s quest for peace and sustainable reconciliation. The Center recalling the legacy of the late Lutheran Bishop noted that he was in the same class with the late Catholic Arc-bishop Michael K. Francis when it comes to the pursuit of peace and reconciliation in Liberia.

The Center further said Bishop Harris also the longest serving leader of the Liberia Council of Churches serving three times as vice president and twice as President was deeply involved with the search for peace and reconciliation, and along with other faith leaders should be credited with the fragile peace Liberia now enjoys. His death is a huge loss for the country, the Liberia Council of Churches, and the Lutheran Church of Liberia.

Christian Media Center has called on the George Weah Administration to seize on the death of Bishop Harris to revive the stalled reconciliation process in the country, reminding the president and those serving with him that the peace Liberia now enjoys is fragile.
Christian Media Center says unlike his predecessor, President George Weah has the moral authority to ensure that Liberia attains lasting peace and reconciliation, two things Liberia cannot afford to ignore.

The Center said Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the infamous protagonist of the Liberia civil war and it should be made emphatically clear that her quest for power caused the loss of 250-thousand Liberian lives and the wrecking of most of the country’s infrastructure. While in office, the Media Center notes that Sirleaf had no appetite for genuine reconciliation because she saw all effort at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an indictment on her.

The Center said a lot of documentary evidence and testimony from human witnesses who testified at the truth and reconciliation hearings have shown Madam Sirleaf’s complacencies in the formation, command and control of all warring parties that fought the war.

Christian Media Center emphasized that Former President Sirleaf admitted to funding the war and the Liberian people will never forget her infamous comments on BBC in 1990 when she told the National Patriotic Front to flatten the Executive Mansion if it were the only means of getting the late President Samuel Doe out of power. Such comments the Center further said, motivated the rebels to destroy everything in Liberia.

Touching on the Sirleaf legacy, the Center says the genesis of current structural problems in the governance of Liberia can be attributed to Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who presided over enormous international good will and debt waivers that could put Liberia on pal with Rwanda.
Instead, the Former president used his children to squander the billions in donor support over the 12 years of her presidency.

The faith-based group believes bad things happened in Liberia, and the only remedy to ensure that there is no reoccurrence is to institute justice no matter who is the target.

Those Liberians that died blood is still crying before their creator, the Center emphasized. The Center called on the Weah Administration to revisit the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report and recommendations by Jerome Verdier led commission a true testimony to what occurred.

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