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“Rubbish And Reckless”

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-Supt. Karbiah Describes Sceedaka Jarkah’s Recent Claim about Plan to Eliminate Geevon-Smith Supporters

CESTOS: River Cess County Superintendent, Bismark Karbiah, has described as ‘rubbished and reckless’ Sceedaka Jarkah’s recent claim that ‘Sabu Unit’ has concluded arrangement to visit River Cess for the purpose of eliminating some supporters of Senatorial Candidate, Wellington Geevon-Smith.
Jarkah is the procurement officer in the office of Superintendent Karbiah and also chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in the county.

During his Wednesday’s appearance on Cestos based River Cess Broadcasting Service (RBS FM 99.3), Mr. Jarkah disclosed that thirty persons are being mobilized to arrive in River Cess ahead of the recount of votes.
“In fact, I just told you there was a telephone conversation with Montserrado County District # 10 Coordinator, Garyeazohn Abba Davis, who was communicated to, to mobilize those guys. In fact, the team that is coming, Isaiah Tokpa who is the head of the Sabu Unit is the deputy head on that team. They supposed to be in the county this Saturday,” Sceedaka averred.

Recount of Votes is expected to take place in the county following the ruling by Liberia’s Supreme Court, upholding National Elections Commission (NEC) Board’s ruling for a recount. The legal team of Mr. Geevon-Smith had filed a complaint before the high court, praying for the trashing of the NEC board of commissioners, a petition the court ignored.
Mr. Karbiah has also called on the Liberia National Police to probe the CPP Chairman over the allegation. According to him, the statement has the proclivity to scare away potential investors.
The River Cess County Superintendent made the assertions when he appeared on Development Communication Net (DCN 93.1 FM) Thursday.
Reports say ‘Sabu Unit’ is an infamous group within the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), which is often used to eliminate critics of the CDC-led government, a claim the party has repeatedly denied.

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