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Trade Union Official Urges Gov’t

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MONROVIA: The Secretary General of the National Trade Unions of Public Services and Allied Workers (NTUPAW) Mr. Tye K. Jaye has disclosed that for Liberia to remain a major player in the 21st Century, it must massively invest in education and vocational training programs.

He pointed out that “all developed countries including South Korea, which was in the 60’s at the same stage of under-development with Liberia had invested massively in education and vocational training.
Speaking in an Interview with The INDEPENDENT Newspaper at his office in the Township of Gardnerville, Mr. Jaye discloses that “Liberia invests just a little of its yearly budget on education and vocational training as other countries such as South Korea invests over 50 per cent of their respective national budgets in the education sector.
According to him, the difference is clear that South Korea has the fifth largest industrialized economy, while Liberia is still struggling to specialize in the export of raw materials in the 21st century.
“For our country to be more relevant, government, at all levels must increase its annual budget in education and vocational training,’’ he added.
Mr. Jaye stressed that Liberia has an approximately two million (2 million) children who have no access to elementary education, while a huge number of the Liberian population cannot read, write and think because they are denied access to education.’
The NTUPAW Secretary used the occasion to caution the youth of the country not to allow themselves to be used by any politicians to unleash violence and terror in the country as the much-awaited 2023 presidential and legislative elections fast approach.
He indicated the children of most Liberian politicians are currently living in the comfort of other countries at the expense of the vast majority of poor Liberian youths in the country.

“I want to use this opportunity to urge our youths to remain calmed and law-abiding during the pending elections,” Mr. Jaye stressed
He decried the high level of youth involvement in acts of violence in the Liberian nation during elections in the past and underscores the dire need for well-meaning Liberians, civil society, and pro-democracy groups to positively guide the behavior of young people.
He claims “there has never been a time that the elders had taken leadership from youths; it is youths that have sold their lives to the elders. I always say that there is no time you see two rich men’s children fighting on the streets; it is always poor men’s children that are used for violence.
“So, I always want youths to ask themselves what they have gained from causing confusion with one another. It the time for them to choose between evil and good.
“The youth should be able to look at individuals and what they have done for them in the past, beyond party affiliations, and act accordingly and shun being used by selfish politicians,” Jaye noted.

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