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Transport Begins Motor Vehicles Inspection Today

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MONROVIA: The Ministry of Transport has disclosed that as of today, March 14, 2022, its routine motor vehicle inspection scheme for 2022 which includes enforcement of the third-party insurance policy will begin.

This means that strategic parts of the roads identified as checkpoints will be attended to by the Transport Ministry inspectors usually assisted by traffic police officers.

MOT will be implementing the exercise across the country, more so in the capital, Monrovia, and routes in its suburbs.

Transport Minister Samuel A. Wlue told journalists that the inspection seeks to further ensure that lawful taxes due the government by vehicle operators or owners are paid and not evaded.

While vehicle owners seem quite familiar with the inspection exercise, they often lament the congestion of traffic caused by it.

Some people who have reneged on documenting their vehicles would often choose to park them or devise means to escape the process.

“Most of the motorists have the audacity to leave their homes as early as 5:00 A.M. to evade the inspection, but the Ministry has put in place specific measures to deal with such issues this time around,” Minister Wlue

He assured that members of the joint enforcement team, including police officers, will remain courteous to members of the public.

Taxis, private cars of different categories, tricycle (Keke) and motorcycles are checked while plying the roads during the exercise.

Minister Wlue further indicated that the routine inspection leads to generation of more revenue for the government by the Ministry of Transport to, in turn, impact national development.

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