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US/Liberian Clergyman Donates To Old-folks, Others

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MONROVIA: A US/Liberian Clergyman and Philanthropist has donated several assorted food items to the Old-folks and less-fortunate persons residing in Plumkor, Sinkor.

The assorted food items include; 50kg bags of Parboiled rice, several gallons of argo-oil and other essential food items.

Reverend George Fully, Pastor of the Lord’s Chosen Ministry in the United States said, the donation was made possible through his ministry, in collaboration with the Little White Chapel also of the United States, Pennsylvania.

Reverend Fully, who is also a motivational speaker, noted that since he was opportune to travel out of Liberia, it was incumbent upon him to give back to the people from where he was born, grew up and went to school.

The Clergyman also pointed out that plans are underway to construct a modern clinic in Plumkor that will be accessible to the residents of the community.

Mr. Fully, who is also a social worker, called on other Liberians who were fortunate to travel out of Liberia, to remember where they came from in order to give back to their communities.

At the same time, Reverend Fully organized a night-long Tarry in order to glorify the Almighty God and give thanks and praises to him for his guardians over him, his family and the people of the community.

He thanked the Almighty God for sparing his life and those of his family for his protection over the years. He also called on members of the Plumkor Community to fast and pray for long life and prosperity.

Also ministering during the tarry, Reverend John K. Lamadine, speaking on the theme: ‘Redemption from the Crises, reminded the congregation to remember that Jesus Christ redeemed mankind from the curse of the Lord by dying on the Cross.

Rev. Lamadine also reminded the congregation that not only Christ redeemed mankind from the curse of the Lord, but he obtained blessings for mankind and obtained the blessing of Abraham for them; and that God’s blessings must definitely come to past.

“God has given each of us his promise but it is left with us to receive that promise that God has given unto us. The promise of God never fails, man may promise you and fail you, but God is eternal, and whatever he promises comes to past because he is not man to lie, but Almighty,” Rev. Lamadine noted.

“The mighty forces operating on this earth are always in twofold. On this earth, there is light and darkness, good and evil, life and death, blessing and curse, but for us, we will stand with God because he has come to bless us and not to curse us,” Pastor Lamadine added.

He defined curse as ‘an unseen force that walks against ones progress, future, finances and personal life.

He, however, said, the good thing is that Christ has redeemed mankind from the curse, and the Holy Ghost will take care of every situation at the appropriate time.

For his part, Reverend A. Michael Moore, also ministering during the tarry, told the congregation that it was never his desire to becoming a pastor, but according to him, when one was born to do something which is desired by God, nothing can stop it.

“I am a Pastor who loves to hear people Minister, listen to their music. Anywhere I went, I love to sit and listen because I am also seeking to learn. There are some people who are being overlooked, but are anointed, and those are the kinds of people when administering, no-one wants them to stop,” Rev. Moore noted.

“Some people who claimed to be Gospel musicians are noisemakers, noting, any music that does not glorify God is not of the kingdom; If one is singing and not to the glorification of God then that’s noise, but, there are some people who when begin singing, the angels begin to rejoice,” the man of God concluded.

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