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Copyright Society Outlines Its Achievements By: E. Geedahgar Garsuah, Sr.

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MONROVIA: The Copyright Society of Liberia (COSOL) under the leadership of Director-General, Mr. Prince Emmanuel Decker, has disclosed that the entity has made significant progress in its quest to address the numerous challenges facing Liberia’s creative industry ranging from dormancy and the impasse associated with generating financial rights for players in the creative sector.

Since Mr. Decker’s induction in early August 2020 under auspices of the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO) headed by Director-General Attorney P. Adelyn Cooper, COSOL has ensured that its mantra: “Pay To Play-No Pay, No Play or Use” geared toward protecting the economic interest of majority members in the creative sector is place at the top of its agenda. During an advice-giving section with stakeholders of the creative sector, Mr. Decker made known COSOL’s mission, goals and objectives and encouraged the total involvement of stakeholders in the sector.

Guarded by his unflinching quest to see massive improvement in the creative sector, on September 9, 2020, the COSOL’s Executive Director, Prince E. Decker accompanied by LIPO’s staff members graced the signing ceremony of a New Policy Guidelines geared toward supporting COSOL’s authorization through LIPO’s Director General, Atty. Cooper.

The New Policy Guidelines are in keeping with Section 9.35, 9.36 of the 2016 Liberia Intellectual Property Act (/LIPO/CR/003/2020) and LIPO/COSOL/CR/0001/2019.

The guidelines are aimed at regulating the sales, rental, reproduction, transmission, stamp, and distribution of contents from Copyright protected instruments.

Also on September 11, 2020 COSOL conducted the second phase of informative dialogue with members of the creative sector.

The knowledge sharing gathering was bordered on authorized usage of creative works of media outlets (print/electronic) and the hospitality industry. At the helpful conversation, COSOL’s Executive Director. Prince Decker, was extolled by stakeholders in the creative sector for what they termed as his farsightedness in initiating the first-of-its-kind effort. In full attendance of the informative discourse were Musician Union of Liberia, National Photographers Union of Liberia, and the Union of Liberian Artists amongst others.

As a way of showing his unwavering support to stakeholders in the creative industry, the COSOL boss on October 7, 2020, participated in the annual event of the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) held in the port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. Mr. Decker was accompanied to the LIMU Annual Event by his Special Assistant, Mr. Festus Kromah.

As part of some of the major milestones accomplished by COSOL under the watch of DG Decker, on October 16, 2020, the entity commenced the sale of Hologram Stamp. Hologram Stamp is an adhesive device that is stuck on Audio Visual (video) materials to establish legality.

The stamp, according to Mr. Decker, is currently on sale at LIPO head office on the United Nations Drive in the edifice of the former Labor Ministry.

LIPO and COSOL, in their drive to provide more education to the general public relating to copyright and related creative sector rights, conducted a two-day enforcement workshop that afforded participants the opportunity to get hands-on knowledge concerning Copyright and related rights.

Lecturing at the two-day workshop COSOL Director General, Mr. Decker placed emphasis on the hologram stamp and its economic importance for royalty collection for creators and owners of intellectual property.

He disclosed to the participants that the hologram stamp is an adhesive security component that encourages accounts to be taken on video materials that are legally sold within specific commercial zones and those sold illegally.

Mr. Decker disclosed to partakers at the two-day enforcement roundtable discussion that through the enforcement of Intellectual Property (IP) Laws that creative artists and owners of such works will benefit from the sale of their creative efforts.

Part of COSOL’s milestones achieved since its official launch in August of 2020 is the training for Data Collection Survey.

The training was conducted on November 7, 2020, by a team headed by COSOL Director General, Mr. Prince E. Decker and included Ms. Jamus Bannah; Ms. Garmai Goboi; and other members of the creative sector who were trained to serve as Data Collectors.

As an integral partner in the workings of LIPO, COSOL headed LIPO’s inspection/enforcement campaign that took-off February 16, 2020.

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