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African Bar Decries Racial Detention of Africans, People of Color … In European Prisons as they Flee Russia-Ukraine War

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By: Varney Dukuly

ABUJA: The African Bar Association says it has received with shock and displeasure reports that Black Africans and People of color fleeing from war ravaged Ukraine are being arrested and held at various detention centers across Europe.

The African Bar, in a statement issued March 25, 2022, condemned what it termed as illegal detention of Black African fleeing the War in Ukraine in European detention centers.
The statement indicated that while their white colored counterparts are being received with open arms and given aids, the Africans and other People of color are being harassed and labeled Criminals in order to justify these irresponsible and unlawful conducts.
It added that: “it is a matter of regret that while these racially motivated actions are going on, those who preach Freedom, Equity, Justice and non-racism are encouraging these grave violations of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws by either lending their hands or silently supporting these actions.”
More than 3.5 million people have fled since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, putting a strain on the neighboring European countries receiving them, Reuters said
The African Bar Association, among other things said, it will not forget those responsible for these actions and would remind them of their evil acts in the course of time.
The African Bar asserted that the ugly situation meted out against Africans and people of color is to the full knowledge of European Nations whose detention are accommodating grave violations.
“As a responsible Professional body, we call on European Nations whose detention centers are accommodating these grave violations of International Laws to redeem themselves, immediately release these innocent Africans and People of color whose only crime is to escape from the theatres of War to seek safe haven with their families having lost all they own and worked hard for in Ukraine,” the African Bar Association emphasized.
The statement indicated that investigation from the international community like the ‘UN, the AU and others, is important in helping to ascertain the root cause of these racial discriminations and bring justice to the families concerned.
“We call on the United Nations, the Commonwealth Organizations, the African Union and African Governments who have Missions across Europe to investigate these racial discriminations and bring Justice to the families concerned,” the statement noted.
The African Bar Association was established in 1971 as a professional body uniting individual lawyers and national legal associations in Africa, the African Bar Association (AFBA) was designed to be a federation of national legal associations, corporate and unincorporated legal entities, and individual lawyers.
The Association seeks amongst other objectives to foster the exchange of opinions and experiences among members, formulation of policies that would better reposition the continent’s socio-economic and political development and advancement with the law as the bedrock for these developments, and lastly breaking new legal frontiers.
The Association brings together the five African sub-regional Lawyers, their respective National Associations spread over the AFBA continent.
The AFBA organizational structure consists of a 64 members Governing Council called the African Bar Council and the Executive Committee. These two arms form the highest decision-making organs of the Association.

The African Bar Association’s headquarters is situated in Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a temporary functional office in Lagos, Nigeria. In order to further reach out to all members in the various member states, the AFBA recommends the creation of national committees in each member state.

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