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For Maintaining Unity Party District 3 Support Base: Boakai Extols Rep. Barshell

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MONROVIA: The Political leader of the erstwhile Unity Party (UP) former Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai has lauded Montserrado County Electoral District#3 Representative, Ceebee C.D. Barshell, for maintaining the UP support base in the district.

According to the UP Standard Bearer, Representative Barshell against all odds has kept the spirit of the party alive by ensuring unity of partisans in the district through his (Barshell) numerous development initiatives in District 3.
Speaking to a gathering of UP partisans, supporters and well-wisher over the weekend, former Vice President Boakai expressed delight in what he described as the astute leadership style Representative Barshell has exhibited over years.
The Ex-VP Boakai words of admiration for Representative Barshell was contained in a remark delivered during the weekend at a ceremony marking a Thanksgiving and Welcoming of Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai initiated by Representative Ceebee C.D. Barshell. The program was held at UP District#3 Office situated in Paynesville City.
Former Vice President Boakai took advantage of the occasion and urged UP partisans, supporters and well-wisher in District#3 to endeavor at fostering a cordial working relationship with all UP Lawmakers in Paynesville City for the advancement of the party ideology.
He then rally support for the second term representative bid of Representative Barshell come the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections on the basis of the high level of responsible leadership traits Representative Barshell has exhibited since he toke over the mantle of leadership in the district.
The former Liberian Vice President told supporters of the UP in District#3 to support Representative Barshell comes 2023 for the level of development he has been undertaking for them.
The UP Standard Bearer cautioned the gathering of UP Partisans that despite of the current economic destitution the country is faced with, Representative Barshell is endeavoring to deliver on his three cardinal responsibilities including lawmaking, representation, and oversight.
He pointed out that with just few months to the much anticipated 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, Liberia stands at a very critical junction.
According to Boakai, to change the current narrative of what he termed as bad governance under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government, Liberia should be thoughtful of the decisions at the ballot box.
He said the fast-declining rate at which almost every sector of the country is failing is incomprehensible; a situation he noted, should draw the attention of all well-meaning Liberians.
The UP Standard Bearer added that everywhere in Liberia, the citizens are going through hardship and no concrete efforts have been made by the government to find a way out. He made reference to his recent visit to places where, according to him, citizens are living in dire situation.
He considered the upcoming 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections as the final moment for Liberians to salvage the country from the hands of the CDC- Weah-led government.

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