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New Political Party Descends On CPP, Others …Says ‘They Lack Public Trust’

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MONROVIA: The Organizing Chairman of a newly registered political party, styled: “Democratic People’s Party of Liberia (DPPL),” Rev. David Kiamu, says power-seeking Liberian politicians lack the ability to properly govern the country.

According to the DPPL Chairman, this is because such politicians have miserably failed to properly manage themselves and their various Political parties over the years.

Describing himself as “the only hope for the Liberian people,” Rev. Kiamu observes that politicians who are seeking the leadership of the country suffer from dearth of public trust and wholeness of team spirit to guarantee voters that they will win the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.
Making reference to the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Rev. Kiamu said that, they experienced their first strength as a formidable opposition force during the 2020 Special Senatorial Election in which its candidates won majority seats in the Legislature.
He added that the collaboration plunged into a series of internal wrangling shortly after, ranging from allegations of tampering with the CPP Framework Document, formation of blocs within the Collaboration, and allegations of blatant violation of said document and deviation from the principles of accountability.
Addressing a news conference recently in Monrovia, Rev. Kaimu called on Liberians to instead focus on, and support the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia that will not fail or dash their hope as the CPP has done.
He said a DPPL-led government will declare war against corruption and prioritize human capacity development.

He added that under a DPPL administration, discipline, rule of law, healthcare, economic empowerment, democratic development will become pillars of his leadership.

Rev. Kaimu disclosed that the DPPL is expected to host first national convention this weekend in the Port City of Buchanan City, in Grand Bassa County, to elect its corps of officers.

He vowed that the DPPL will not form a collaboration with any political party in the 2023 Legislative and Presidential election because all of the opposition political parties have over the years failed the Liberian people.

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