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US Exposes Cassel’s ‘Criminal Dossiers’ …Jailed For Four-Count Fraudulent Activities

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ATLANTA, USA: The Government of the United States of America (USA), has uncovered what appears to be the ‘criminal dossiers’ of Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell, political leader of the opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP).

Dr. Cassell is currently in detention in the United States facing four-count indictment for fraud.

The U.S investigation detailed criminal charges against Cassell, leading to his detention in prison.

According to multiple investigations, the activities and operations of Dr. Cassell amounted to his indictment by New Providence Prosecutors in New Jersey, United States, for violation of the following State Statutes since December 31, 2021.

They include (1. 2C:21-4.3C – Health Care Fraud – Intentional Fraud by Non-Practitioner; (2. 30:4D-17(B)(11) – Medical Assistant Program – Making or Causing False Statements; (3. Medical Assistant Program – Obtaining Improper Benefits/Kickbacks and (4. 2C:20 – 4 – Theft by Deception – Value $75,000+/Extortion/Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Over 1 Kilogram.

“ (When a drug is classified as a controlled substance, or CDS, it cannot be possessed, sold, or distributed except as provided by law. Drugs are deemed CDS when they are susceptible to abuse, thereby warranting regulation by the state of New Jersey and law enforcement.)”

However, reports also indicate that Dr. Cassell refused to address the multiple charges against him, instead, he decided to come to Liberia to engage in political activities.

The defendant’s apparent refusal to answer the charges and the indictments in New Jersey led prosecutors transferred same to Georgia where the defendant, Dr. Cassell, had returned and was subsequently picked on March 17th based on a court- filed Warrantless Arrest Affidavit on the charge of Fugitive From Justice and detained by the Clayton County Sheriff’s office.

According to the State of Georgia’s statute GA Code- Section- 17-4-62 (2020), “In every case of an arrest without a warrant, the person arresting shall, without delay, convey the offender before the most convenient judicial officer authorized to receive an affidavit and issue a warrant as provided for in Code Section 17-4-40.

The Statute made it clear that “No such imprisonment shall be legal beyond a reasonable time allowed for this purpose; and any person who is not brought before such judicial officer within 48 hours of arrest shall be released.”

The CODE further states: “In compliance with law and according to the docket of the Magistrate Criminal Court in Georgia, Dr. Cassell’s First Appearance Hearing was scheduled for March 18, 2022.

The INDEPENDENT has also gathered that the State of Georgia will now prosecute Dr. Cassell.

The allegations against Dr. Cassell are for white-collar crimes of which legal experts say, some New Jersey doctors, chiropractors, pharmacists, and patients find themselves ensnared.

Dr. Cassell is the Founder-President and Chief Executive Officer of Kwenyan and Associates Professional Health Services, (LLC) which operated in New Jersey.

A trained psychologist, Cassell obtained his doctoral degree from North Central University in the Uinted States of America (USA).

Following the arrest of Dr. Cassell in United States, his newly established political party in Liberia, styled: People’s Liberation Party (PLP), has been holding series of political discussions aimed at determing the next course whether he (Cassell) should remain as Political Leader of the PLP or the party’s Chairman, Tarplah Doe, should become the new leader since the PLP founder may not return to Liberia anytime soon.
However, Mr. Doe was appointed as interim Political leader of the PLP.

In a press statement issued in Monrovia on March 25, 2020, the PLP denied ever planning to suspend or expel Dr. Cassell from the PLP following his arrest in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the PLP says it is “arranging to send a delegation which will include legal experts to the USA to ascertain information and determine the party’s next course of action.”

Based on his status as a “Fugitive From Justice” leading to his arrest, it is unclear if the legal system in Georgia will look favorably on any petition for bail since the state may argue that he is a flight risk. No defense attorney has filed a Notice of Appearance yet on behalf of the accused.

No new event has been added to the court’s docket regarding the criminal case of Dr. Cassell.

If found guilty, jail term could range between four-five years and thousands of dollars in fines.

The accused Dr. Cassell is deemed innocent of the charges until found guilty by a court of law in the U.S.

Interestingly, since its establishment in Liberia as a political party, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), has had mounting challenges raging from the expulsion of some of its founding leaders last year, the stopping of its purchased aircraft-helicopter from South Africa to land in Liberia, the indefinite suspension of one of its key officials, David McCarthy, for lying that he was shot by some armed men along the Monrovia-Kakata Highway, to the recent arrest of the party’s political leader, Daniel Estrada Cassell in the USA.

It may be recalled that the General Policy Commission (GPC) of the PLP, sometime last year, announced the immediate removal of three of its acting executives; including then Acting Chairman, Wilmot Paye, for their alleged involvement in acts that the party claimed contravened its norms, bylaws, and constitution.

Addressing a news conference at its headquarters in Congo Town on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, PLP said, the GPC is the highest decision-making body, which comprises its Executive Members, so the decision taken against Paye and others was final.

Reading a prepared statement, then, on behalf of the GPC, Assistant Secretary-General for Press and Public Affairs, Stephen Vorkpor, named those expelled as Acting Chairman, Wilmot Paye; Mr. Henry Sackie, former Vice Chairman for Political Affairs; and Mr. Kansualism Kansuah, former Secretary-General of the party.

Vorkpor narrates: “Mr. Paye was removed following thorough investigations into a countless number of complaints brought against him by some members of the GPC and other local county officials of the party, and for grossly violating the constitutional rights of several members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) serving in leadership positions across several counties.”

According to him, findings of the GPC’s investigation into those complaints filed against Mr. Paye include poor handling of a previous conflict between the Acting Montserrado County Youth Assembly Chairman-Trokon George and the Montserrado County Chairman-Rueben Washington, without proper investigation and recommendation to the GPC for action.
Mr. Paye and other categorically refuted the claims at the time, when contacted by the media.

However, barely a month after his pronounced expulsion, Mr. Paye told FrontPage Africa in an interview via telephone on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, that the decision was taken by the PLP after he had already informed the National Elections Commission (NEC) of parting company with the party.

“On September 17, 2021, which was Friday, I submitted a letter withdrawing my name, email, contacts and everything and informing the Elections Commission that I was no longer associated with the PLP and I copied Tapple E. Doe,” Paye narrated.

He wondered, then, why the PLP did not inform the public about his resignation from the party after being copied the communication he sent to NEC.
Mr. Paye noted that the decision taken to leave the party prior to the pronouncement made by the PLP, through the GPC was his constitutional right.

When quizzed why he submitted a letter to NEC resigning his position, instead of officially informing the membership committee or the Organizing Chairman of the party, Mr. Paye stated that his particulars were sent to the commission as the acting National Chairman of the party and he needed to officially inform the NEC that he has parted company with the party and his contacts, email and others should be disassociated with the PLP.

Mr. Paye, at the time, contended that he was not totally surprised about the decision taken by the party, noting that “time can expose people.”
He emphasized that prior to joining the PLP, the party was previously presented to him as one that was willing to liberate the Liberian people and transform the country.

He disclosed that when he was approached by the PLP Vision Bearer (Dr. Cassell) to come on board the PLP, he frankly stated that, “I am too difficult to work with because; I am not prepared to compromise my principles”.

He termed as “timely but unfortunate” the decision taken by the PLP to expel him from the party after he has resigned.

Mr. Paye pointed out that negotiations were finalized to join the PLP and he became the acting National Chairman of the party in February 2021 and subsequently resigned from the former ruling Unity Party (UP).
“We started to work genuinely but unfortunately people started to deceive themselves and they felt that they were deceiving us,” he stressed.

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