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COSOL, Transfer Union Consummate License Agreement

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MONROVIA: In an effort aimed at creating an unambiguous path for achieving value addition in gathering benefits for Liberia’s creative industry, and to provide security for intellectual properties, the Copyright Society of Liberia (COSOL) and the Liberia Transfer Union (LITU) have signed a License Agreement for the commercialization of creative contents on the local market.

COSOL is the secretariat within the Copyright Department of the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO), headed by Executive Director; Prince Emmanuel Decker, while LITU is a corporate entity duly registered by law to engage in the trading of creative materials.

In the License Agreement which was consummated by both parties (COSOL/LITU) on Thursday April 7, 2022, at COSOL’s office located on the United Nations Drive.

COSOL is referred to as the First Party while LITU is known as the Second Party.

COSOL’s Executive Director, Decker signed on behalf of the Copyright office as LITUS President, Patrick Ville, did same for his entity.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Ms. Jamus Pinky Bannah, COSOL’s Membership Officer, and Mr. Tony Kerbedeh, Office-In-Charge (OIC), Musician Union of Liberia who is also a member of COSOL’s Board including several of LITU’s members.

The one year Operating License agreement which is subject to renewal or termination by mutual consent gives LITU the authorization under License No. 413830 which can be verified at www.license.cosolinfo.com.

It places LITU in the category to engage in the reproduction, distribution, transferring and download of creative contents.

As LIPO’s Secretariat, COSOL’s mandate to enter into License Agreement with legal entities and the issuance of License Certificate is captured in Title 24, Liberia Code of Law Revised referred to as the Liberia Intellectual Property Act of 2016.

The LIPO Act of 2016 that was passed into law by the 53rd Legislature gives LIPO the exclusive authorization to govern, control, and regulate the generation, protection, commercial exploitation and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Liberia.

According to the License Agreement, the First Party (COSOL) will on an annual route shall grant the Second Party (LITU) operating License to engage in the downloading, manufacturing, streaming, and perform other forms of communication to the general public of audio and audio visual (video) materials for commercial purpose.

The agreement also states: “That the Second Party shall ensure to secure audio and audio visual materials (Music/Movie) publishing and mechanical rights contracts from the right-holder. Said agreement (s) must be submitted to the First Party for verification and authentication.”

The Second Party (LITU), according to the agreement shall make accurate report to the First Party (COSOL) all audio visual materials (music/video) use and perform on his or her platform.

This reporting mechanism, the agreement states, shall be done by way of a reporting template which will be generated by COSOL as the First Party.

LITU as the Second party shall pay license fees as prescribed in the Copyright Regulation for License Tariff on music and movie in Sound Recording for public performance within the timeframe stipulated on the invoice issued by COSOL, portion of the agreement emphasized.

Making brief remarks minutes before putting pen to paper, COSOL Executive Director Prince Emmanuel Decker expressed delight that under his watch the rebranding of Liberia’s creative industry is taking a remarkable shape for the benefit sector.

Executive Director Decker extolled LITU for engaging the process with an open mind while giving assurance that COSOL will endeavor to uphold its side on the bargain.

He expressed optimism that the signing event is the beginning of numerous signing engagement to be undertaken.

COSOL’s Executive Director: “So on this day, we will consummate our license agreement by signing a two-page agreement that states our duties and responsibilities and also your duties and responsibilities. This is the first of numerous licenses we hope to issue out this year, and as a point of beginning, we are issuing the first license to a young Liberian entity who is involved with the marketing and distribution of creative contents.”

For his part, LITU President Patrick Ville voiced out his delight that COSOL could see the need to join partnership with his entity by the issuance of an operating license.

He promised COSOL that his team will work diligently to uphold the terms of the agreement.

According to Ville, LITU, under his supervision, will ensure that whatever work needs to be done aimed at improving the creative industry for the economic benefits of creative Liberians and as well as revenue generation for the Government of Liberia will be carried out with utmost commitment to the agreement.

LITU President Patrick Ville: “We are happy, we are delighted and overwhelmed to work with the Copyright Society of Liberia after this license, giving us the responsibility. I promise that I and my team will not turn you people down. We will function according to this agreement. We will ensure whatsoever work needs to be done towards creative works, what needs to be generated for our celebrities creative acts, we will ensure those funds will be raised for their God-given talents.”

Presenting to LITU president the Operating License certificate minutes after the signing ritual, veteran Liberian musician and Officer-In-Charge of the Musician Union of Liberia and also a member on COSOL’s Board, Mr. Tony Kerbedeh urged both parties to keep the true spirit and intent of the agreement in tight.

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