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DPPL Wants Weah To Write UN, US

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MONROVIA: One of Liberia’s newest Registered Political Parties, Democratic People’s Party (DPPL), has buttressed calls for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court for Liberia.

DPPL Political Leader, Rev. David G.B Kiamu, told a news conference over the weekend in Monrovia that the establishment of the court will provide justice for all those who were victimized as a result of the 14 years of war in the country.
According to him, he is deeply concerned that in five years of President George M. Weah’s administration, nothing concrete has been done to satisfy the desires of the common citizens, most of whom were victimized during the Liberia civil war during which an estimated 250,000 were killed and millions of others internally and externally displaced.

Rev. Kiamu said those who committed economic and war crimes are still walking around here with impunity.

“The DPPL is concerned about this. We want this government to do what is necessary to set up the war and Economic Crimes Court for Liberia,” he said.

He pointed out that, they in the DPPL lend support to the United States of America (USA) Congress Resolution 907 which reaffirms commitment to support progress towards transparency, accountable institutions and other tenants of good governance in Liberia.
Rev. Kiamu indicated that, consistent with the United States of America Congressional Resolution 1055, which supports the upholding of Democratic Principles in Liberia, the DPPL wants the George Weah CDC-led government to write two separate letters, one to the United Nations Secretary General, and the other to the United States of America Congress, expressing Liberia’s desire and readiness to fully implement recommendations of the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC’s) Final Report on Liberia’s civil war that broke out from December 1989 and ended in August 2003.
Meanwhile, the DPPL senior partisans who were at its first convention held in Grand Bassa County, Saypue Hill Community, included Rev. David Kiamu, Political Leader; Atty. N. Dickson R. Tamba, National Chairman; John Pangbe, National Secretary General; Kim Varnie, National Treasurer; Joseph Tinithy, National Vice Chair for Administration; Acarus Temo, National Vice Chair for Inter-Party and National Election Commission (NEC) Affairs; Hezekiah Myers, National Vice Chair for Finance and Investment; Rev. Josephus Korfeh, National Vice Chair for Recruitment and Mobilization and Membership; Konto Saygar, National Vice Chair for Social Services; Darius Woods, National Youth Chair; and Irene Blama, National Chair Lady. All of them were inducted into office on Sunday April 10, 2022, for six years at the Life Point Chapel located on the Roberts International Airport High way, Outside Monrovia.
Speaking to a team of journalists immediately following their induction, the Political Leader of the party said they will advocate for upholding the traditional values on which Liberia was founded. He said that the DPPL believes that Liberia is a country built on Christian principles. He added that the DPPL vision is to see a united country under one God serving all citizens equally.
According to him, the DPPL address all national issues including Agriculture in National Development as well as all confronting the forward march of Liberia, but ended as saying that the DPPL leadership will provide solution to Liberia’s problems.
The Democratic People’s Party urges the George Weah CDC-led government to do this within the period of sixty (60) days.
The TRC, in its Final report, identified the root causes of the Liberia armed conflict.

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