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60,000 Male Students Drop from School – Says Education Minister Ansu Sonii

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By T.R Dixon

MONROVIA: Education Minister, Prof. D. Ansu Sonii, has disclosed that over 60,000 male students have dropped out of school in 25 school districts and are now engage in commercial motor cycle operations in the country.

He added that the students dropped due to the lack of secondary schools in those areas.
Minister Sonii who just returned from a month-long nationwide tour of schools in the country said, he was informed about this situation during his trip which was intended to assess ongoing renovation and rehabilitation works being carried out on public schools.

The Education Minister made the statement recently at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs, and Tourism (MICAT), on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, during its regular weekly press conference held at its Conference room.

Minister Sonii who boasted of being the first Education Minister to embark on such a month-long nationwide tour said he visited every part of the country including the interior parts of Liberia where he walked long hours by road to reach towns and villages which are not accessible by motor roads.
According to him, as a result of this situation, the government will build over 25 secondary schools in those areas and will deploy 200 Guidance Counselors rotationally to all government-operated schools in the country.

He disclosed that the main duties of the Guidance Counselors will include to offer counseling to students or teachers, conduct group counseling sessions, and to help the students develop their personal and academic skills by providing career advice and guidance to the students.

Prof. Sonii also said the Guidance Counselors will also assist and advise students about academic and personal decisions and will also provide private counseling to students, assess their individual ability and potential, and coordinate with fellow professionals on student matters.

Minister Sonii said Guidance Counselors will help encourage the over 60,000 students who have dropped from school to return to the classroom as commercial motorcycle business is temporary and not sustainable.

Professor Sonii also indicated that Haywood Mission School on the Old Road and Ricks Institute in Brewerville have been pardoned by the Ministry and subsequently relisted by the Ministry of Education because, the schools have met all punishments outlined by the Ministry of Education.

Minister Sonii asserted that months ago, the removal of the name of Haywood Mission School and Ricks Institute from the Ministry’s registered school listing because they have over the period deliberately and in a disobedient and rebellious manner and form violated the rules of the Ministry of Education.

Days later, Haywood Mission strongly protested against the Education Minister’s action, terming it as unwarranted and arbitrary.

The Education Minister was also accused by other concerned citizens of taking said action to ensure that students in Brewerville and its nearby communities attend his (Minister Sonni’s private education institution).

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