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“Serious Hunger” In Liberia …Global Hunger Index Indicates

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MONROVIA; Another damaging international report has emerged as it has placed Liberia at 33.3 percent in the Global Hunger Index of 2021, indicating that more citizens are experiencing high level hunger across the country.

The report also ranked Liberia 110th out of 116 countries among the comity of other nations.
With a score of 33.3, the report stressed that Liberia has a level hunger that is serious. The global hunger index has different trends for countries battling hunger around the world.

The 2021 data showed that countries with less than or equal to 9.9 is noted as low, 19.9 is regarded as moderate hunger level while 33.3 which Liberia can be found is described as serious. Other indicators shows that 49.9 as alarming rate and 50.0 as extremely alarming.

This latest report which points to serious hunger in Liberia is an addition to several other international reports on Liberia which have so far placed the country in red.

The GHI score incorporates four component indicators: undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality.

Using this combination of indicators to measure hunger offers several advantages. The indicators included in the GHI formula reflect caloric deficiencies as well as poor nutrition.

The undernourishment indicator captures the nutrition situation of the population as a whole, while the indicators specific to children reflect the nutrition status within a particularly vulnerable subset of the population for whom a lack of dietary energy, protein, and/or micronutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) leads to a high risk of illness, poor physical and cognitive development, and death.

The inclusion of both child wasting and child stunting allows the GHI to document both acute and chronic under nutrition. By combining multiple indicators, the index reduces the effects of random measurement errors

Recently, the 2021 US State Department Human Rights reports highlighted human rights violations and corruption under the Weah-CDC administration.

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