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Weah Gov’t Is Corrupt” …Gongloe Asserts; Throws a Major Challenge

by News Manager

MONROVIA: Liberian Human Rights Lawyer and Presidential Hopeful, Tiawon Saye Gongloe, says Liberian people are suffering too much because they are getting poorer each day as a result of corruption by the George Weah led government.

According to Cllr. Gongloe, incumbent Liberian leader, George Manneh Weah has “built more houses for himself than all the presidents of Liberia from Joseph Jenkins Roberts to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.”
“The evidence can be found on the Robertsfield Highway opposite the Baptist Seminary, 9th Street, and other places,” he stated.

Gongloe: “President Weah did not build these houses before becoming president, and if he says he is not corrupt, then, I challenge him to show the Liberian people where he got money from to build these private buildings.”

Cllr. Gongloe also cautioned Liberian students that if they are fortunate to occupy a government office, they should demonstrate good citizenship by not stealing from their country, but by serving their country with honesty, dedication and dignity.

He also urged them to start practicing to be a good leaders by being good leaders of their schools. “The Government is a place to serve and not to steal,” Gongloe further indicated.

Cllr. Gongloe who is also former President of the Liberia National Bar Association disclosed that a good citizen will always do everything not to bring shame and disgrace to his or country.

The lawyer who is also one of Liberia’s Presidential aspirants in the coming 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections noted that, no good citizen can ever be happy when his or her country is disgraced or made shame by its leaders.

Speaking recently at the graduation program of the Faith Academy Mission School located at the Peace Land Community, in Brewerville City, Cllr. Gongloe said over the last few years, Liberia has been disgraced by the actions of its leaders.

Speaking on the Topic: “The Meaning of Good Citizenship,” Cllr. Gongloe indicated that, a Good Citizenship is being willing and happy to give more to the country than the country can ever give them.
He added that “the level of bad governance in Liberia has today generated negative comments from officials of the country’s main partner, the United States of America”.

Gongloe: “For instance, U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, speaking about the current nature of governance in Liberia said, “President George Weah leads a kleptocratic government and begins his political corruption on the day he assumed office by depleting the government coffers for personal use while the people of Liberia suffer.”

Gongloe added that this statement was made by the Congressman last year. This year, he indicated, President Joe Biden’s special representative to the Bicentennial Celebration on the arrival of the founders of the Liberian state, Ms. Dana Banks, cautioned the Liberian government and people in the following words: “Too many of Liberia’s leaders have chosen their own personal short-term gain over the long-term benefit of their country, the expectation, sometimes, is that the United States and the rest of the international community will step in to solve Liberia’s long-term problems.”

Cllr. Gongloe quoted her as saying only the Liberian Government and the Liberian people can tackle corruption, fight for accountability and transparency, and move this country forward.”

The Liberian Human Rights Lawyer also quoted Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield, former US Ambassador to Liberia and current US Ambassador the UN as saying recently that “I say this, as a true friend of Liberia, and Liberians know me for being that friend. Liberia has a serious problem right now, and that’s taking on a number of issues, foremost among them is the issue of corruption, which is government stealing from the people of Liberia, from the mouths of children.”

He also quoted the US Ambassador as saying “corruption takes away access to health care. It denies citizens their right to public safety, it stops young people of Liberia from getting the education they deserve, it takes the future away from them and it also prevents the country from having the healthy business environment that it needs to lift Liberians out of poverty.”

“It has denied Liberia its place in history, a successful and prosperous country with so many resources to contribute to its people’s well-being.” Further, the current US Ambassador to Liberia not long ago, said, “Corruption prevents progress…” he said.

According to him, these statements about the level of stealing in the Liberian government is a clear indication that President Weah and some top officials of his government are not demonstrating good citizenship.

He noted that Liberians citizens, in their own best interest should not allow this situation to continue stressing that the evidence is clear that President Weah lacks the political will to fight corruption in fact he himself is corrupt; written By T.R Dixon.

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