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CDC Postpones17th Anniversary Festivities …Wants Women Political Participation Increased

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MONROVIA: A constituent party of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), which came into existence as a full-fledged political party on May 27, 2005, after being officially certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC), celebrates
its 17th Anniversary.

However, as the party’s political leader, George M. Weah, leads a ribbon-cutting ceremony of the MUNAH PELHAM-YOUNGBLOOD INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL STUDIES, the official commemoration event will now take place on June 17, 2022, at the National Headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), in Congo Town.

As part of activities accompanying the anniversary celebration, 22 newly-built modern shops/housing units, located at the Party’s Headquarters will also be dedicated and turned over by the president to small business owners to enhance their economic capacities.

In anticipation of the event, a recently-held meeting of all organizational structures across the party has set the basis for a continuous mobilization activity in preparation for this important event.

The party’s leader and Standard-bearer, President George M. Weah, will deliver the National Executive Committee (NEC) statement, giving marching orders for the year ahead.

“In pursuit of this befitting celebration of glorious revolutionary history, the relentless sacrifices of our fighting forces impose upon us a duty to convey congratulatory messages and gratitude to the CDC founding ideologues, heroes and heroines; distinguished fathers and mothers, members, supporters, voters and young volunteers for contributing to the sustenance and remarkable growth and development of this vast democratic infrastructure,” a CDC statement said.

CDC: “Though our movement is not a perfect one, but it is a proud mass-based architecture, a unique diversification of ordinary, yet dedicated and organized people from all walk of life who has come to meet and overcome obstacles even giants feared and avoided for decades before it.”

“CDCeans are a people of great history and have always accomplished the unthinkable in unity, love for one another and respect for all; this is why even in the face of monumental challenges, we have prevailed. We have traversed many hurdles and can do it again if we come together, knowing that our avoidable defeat will always lie in the disunity we must strive to prevent today, not tomorrow. It’s time to rise above the things that divide us as we continue to champion and serve the aspirations of the most important actors of our movement, THE PEOPLE.

While we acknowledge the undisputed achievements of this great party and government under His Excellency George M. Weah, we cannot also ignore the colossal challenges affecting thousands of our people.

Hence, in coming months, collective efforts must continue to be accelerated to address the people’s and ‘Militants’ sustainable needs while working toward an equitable, just and non-sexist society for all.

The history of the CDC goes hand-in-hand with the party’s historic support for women rights, especially its distinctive women empowerment policy, which became the bedrock of the rise of many prominent women in Liberian politics.

As early as June 2005, the party had adopted Liberia’s first 30% gender quota, holding itself accountable to its scrupulous implementation. This feat inspired almost 28% rise in women candidature across the country during the 2005 General and presidential elections.

After 17 years, the National Executive Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change, meeting over the weekend, unanimously adopted a resolution requiring 40 percent political participation for women throughout its leadership structures and parliamentary seats in pending general elections.

This policy-decision henceforth, must be considered in the party’s internal and external democratic processes.

In furtherance, the National Executive Committee of the CDC, in addition to women already occupying several key positions, encourage the president to appoint more qualified women to significant positions in government as a necessary step to close the gender gap.

Meanwhile, the CDC has called on all partisans to reactivate the duties and obligations required of a member, by meeting needs, standing up for what is just and equitable, and protecting women, the weak and vulnerable, regardless of sex, tribe or religion.

The CDC also calls on all partisans to celebrate in peace, respect the rule of law at all times and remain tolerant to the rights, privileges and political views of others, a statement signed by the party’s Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr. said.

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