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Several Dismissed At TOYOTA – Aggrieved Employees Link Boss To Bad Labor Practices But…

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MONROVIA: A local dealer of acclaimed TOYOTA vehicles in Liberia, CICA Motors Incorporated, has been accused of involvement in bad labor practices, coupled with other administrative excesses.

TOYOTA is a vehicle product produced by Japan which offered local dealership to companies around the world including Africa.

This paper has gathered that in February, 2022, over thirty (30) employees declared “Vote of No Confidence” in the Management of CICA Motors Liberia Inc.,” headed by Mr. Boye Ajayi, a Nigerian national.

The company’s employees, predominantly Liberians, wrote a petition and subsequently forwarded same to the Director General, CFAO Automotive Equipment & Services Western Africa, Mr. Goran Krizmanic.
The petition contains twenty-two (22) counts including administrative malpractices at CICA since the incumbency of the Managing Director, Boye Ajayi.

According to the petition, for a little over a year of MD Ajayi leadership, “We have seen some of the negative vices that led to the unceremonious exit of one of his predecessors, Madam Florence Lecerf.”

The aggrieved employees told the West Africa Director that Ajayi has engaged in “unhealthy behaviors, and actions that are counterproductive to the overall growth and development of CICA Motors Liberia Inc.

Despite the twenty two counts in the resolution submitted to Mr. Krizmanic, who is the West African Head of the CICA, nothing tangible has been done by the company’s senior authorities to stop Mr. Ajayi’s alleged malpractices.

However, on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, on the compound of CICA Motors Liberia on Bushrod Island was a scene of protest by aggrieved employees of the company.

The employees staged peaceful protest against the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Boye Ajayi, for “bad labor practices including inhumane treatments, arbitrary reassignment of employees without salaries increment as well as their arbitrary dismissal.

They alleged that MD Ajayi, since he took over as Head of the company, has stopped the payment of all of their benefits including housing and medical insurance.

The aggrieved employees referenced the opportunity they had over the years, as it relates to receiving loans, and which had been stopped for no reasons by Mr. Ajayi.

They complained of working without receiving extra wages, including medical benefits in gross violation of the company’s handbook.

Some of the aggrieved employees, including Mr. Octesa Nicholas Podier and Ernest Wolo told journalists that since Ajayi took over as the new CICA Motors Liberia Inc boss, working conditions at the company have been very bad.

They accused him of involvement in acts of intimidation and harassment against employees.

They also alleged that MD Ajayi is in the habit of engaging in traditional medicinal activities at the CICA Motors Liberia Inc., almost on a daily basis since he took over.

Mr. Octesa Nicholas Podier disclosed that due to his acts of intimidation, threats, over 32 members of the company’s Workers Union have signed the petition to be submitted to the international headquarters of CICA.

The employees also wrote another letter to the Government of Liberia (GOL) through the Ministry of Labor against MD Ajayi but there have been no redress from the Labor Ministry up to present.

The workers disclosed that the Labor Ministry only contacted MD Ajayi via phone and since that time, the situation at the CICA Motors Liberia Inc, continues to be worst for the employees, most especially the 32 members of their Worker Union that signed the document which was sent to the company’s international headquarters, calling for the dismissal of the Manager Director.

They further indicated that Manager Director Ajayi is in a desperate move as he is now witch-hunting each of the 32 personnel who signed the resolution sent to their international headquarters, calling for his immediate dismissal.

Moreover, the workers said several of them have been dismissed or reassigned without any increment in their salaries.

The named one of the employees who recently signed the document, calling for the dismissal of Ajayi, Ernest Wolo, of being subsequent sacked from his job by Ajayi on Monday, June 6, 2022.

According to Ernest Wolo”s letter of dismissal, signed by Manager Director, Boye Ajayi, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper, CICA Motors Liberia Inc. “Management hereby terminates your services as Customer Services Care Officer for falsification of Report as per section 6.4 of the employee Book of CICA Motors Liberia Inc and the Decent Work Act of 2015.”

However, when contacted Mr. Peter King, Head of Communication and Marketing of CICA Motors Liberia Inc, he rejected allegation that CICA Motors Liberia Inc. Manager Director, Mr. Boye Ajayi, is involved in administrative malpractices and bad labor practices.

Mr. King said although he has just been employed and had spent less than a month with the company, the allegation against the company’s MD that he denied employees their just benefit including housing and medical benefits is misleading.

Commenting on the employees’ allegation that MD Ajayi is involved in traditional medicinal activities, Mr. King said he had no idea on this issue. He added that, this question can only be answered by Manager Director, Ajayi himself.

Touching on allegation that the company’s Management is involved in arbitrary reassignment of employees without salaries increment as well as arbitrary dismissal of its personnel, King maintains that such claims are untrue and misleading.

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