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“Let The Change Begin with You” …VP Taylor Urges Cuttington Graduates

by News Manager

By: Varney Dukuly

GBARNGA, BONG COUNTY: Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has called on the 60th graduating class of the Cuttington University to dock their desire on a magnetic force that has the capacity to catapult them from present circumstances into a better world of unlimited and success possibilities.

She also commended members of the 60th graduating class of the Episcopal Church owned University, in Suacoco, Bong County.

The Liberian Vice President added that the graduates’ commitment to education has cemented the truism that “A sound Education is the surest way out of Poverty.”

“Those who change history are one who see beyond the ordinary; ignore the limits of present circumstances and times; and by their amazing actions, inspire a generation to work together to change the status quo,” VP Taylor intoned.

The Vice President who acknowledged that the nation is still in the throes of challenging times admonished Liberians to work together aimed at lifting their country to the ideals expressed in the Liberian National Anthem.

She believes that as every man/ woman is his/her master of destiny, there is always a way for the graduates to see beyond the limits of their present circumstances, by rising to the occasion and changing the trajectory of their lives for good.

VP Taylor mentioned that the difference between limitations and possibilities is the ability of the mind to either submit or reject the concept of the kind of success or failure they want.

“Please keep in mind the common saying that -there are people in our world who just watch things happen; others wonder what has happened and yet others in the same time and space – make things happen.”

Words such as: ‘Looking, Beyond, Limit, Inspiration,’ according to the Vice President have meanings that are vital to the achievements of all including the Nation, a University, as Graduates and as a People.

VP Taylor: “For our THOUGHTS and or PERCEPTIONS become WORDS and WORDS produce ACTIONS–both positive and negative; depending on the choices made.”

Madam Taylor who is also the first female Vice President of Liberia was speaking during the weekend when she served as the 60th commencement speaker of the Cuttington University graduates’ school in Suacoco near Gbarnga City, Bong County.

As an Alumni of the Cuttington University, she expressed delight and described as unique opportunity for her to serve as the 60th Commencement Speaker of Cuttington University.

“Secondly because this Institution is located in my maternal County and I am being honored as a Daughter of Bong County and lastly but never least; because I am the first Female Vice President of Liberia to be so Honored,” she said.

Among others, the Vice President encouraged the graduates to see differently and let the power inside them rise to consciousness by avoiding less important things and giving in for more important things.

She said: “Focus and remain determined. Do not join the chorus of complainers and naysayers, it saps your energy. Let the change begin with you as you are the carrier and creator of your destiny. Never allow others to change things for you, you must build what your eyes have seen and your heart believes.

She added that although daily realities are constantly changing, everyday miracles are happening all around us, destinies are being forged and wonders abound everywhere.”

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