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Politics, Division ‘Shake’ Muslims …As Several Pilgrims Left Out of Trip To Mecca

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By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: In recent days, the Islamic community in Liberia has been hit by internal fighting, leading to disqualification of several Muslim pilgrims who were determined to attend this year’s Hajj in the Arab nation of Saudi Arabia.

The denunciation of Muslims from attending the 2022 Hajj has been largely tied to huge disagreements between stakeholders in the Muslim Community and others in the corridors of state power.

The tension intensifies following the setting up of the government’s Hajj Committee, constituted by Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf and headed by Cllr Lusene Bility, who many Muslims claim, lacks the authority to provide direction for Muslim Community in Liberia.

The government’s Hajj Committee met stiff resistance from the National Muslim Council with respect to the collection of money intended for the smooth movement of pilgrims from Liberia to Mecca.

Although the National Muslims Council and the government’s Hajj Committee were primarily seeking to get over Two hundred (200) Muslims from Liberia to Mecca; such goal was not realized due to allegations of political interference into religious activities, conflict of interest, lack of diplomatic connections, among others.

Interestingly, a little over one hundred Liberian Muslims under the supervision of the National Muslims Council of Liberia, departed the country late Thursday evening, leaving behind more than one hundred others who allegedly paid money to the government’s Hajj Committee for the Mecca trip.

However, the Chief Imam of Liberia, Ali Krayee, has criticized the National Muslims Council and the government Hajj committee “for tempering with the people’s dream” of going to Mecca.

Imam Krayee mentioned that the Imam Council has resolved never to allow individuals who are not leaders in Islam to make a determination for the Muslim Community in Liberia.

“Everyone, even non-Muslims know that the leaders of Islam are the Imams, unfortunately some of our people who claim to be Muslims have refused to accept the leadership of their Imams,” he said.
The Chief Imam described as contradiction of Islamic oath those who are attempting to usurp the authority and function of the Imams.

“What is the essence of Islamic leaders in Liberia when the Imams, according to the doctrines and teaching of Islam play significant roles in different leadership portfolio in Islam?” he wonders.

According to him, being a Muslim and politician or Muslim Businessman does not make one a Muslim leader; this he noted, has been mistaken in Liberia.

“Going forward, the Imams in Liberia will no longer follow any other authority besides the Authority of the National Imam Council,” he asserted.

Imam Krayee, at the same time, called on the government and international partners in Liberia not to do business with Islamic religious groups, if not the National Imam Council of Liberia.

It is not clear whether or not those who allegedly paid a travel fee of US$6,500 will get refund of their money.

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