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Praxis Africa Set To Begin Drone Farming In Liberia

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MONROVIA: In an effort to begin merchandize farming in Liberia, Praxis Africa, an international Agriculture Institution based in America and other African countries has signed an agreement with some farmers to begin a drone farming in Liberia.

An agriculture drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle in agriculture operation, mostly in yield optimization and in monitoring crop growth and crop production.

Speaking at the signing ceremony recently, Mr. Thomas M. Wuo, the Managing Director of Praxis Africa said, the drones will be used to do anything from precision agriculture, to efficiently dispersing weed control or fertilizers, and to optimize field management.

The Praxis Africa Managing Director noted that, the results include reduced operation costs, improved crop quality, and increased yield rate.

According to him, as a manifestation of this commitment, the vice president of Liberia, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, has promised to provide over 1000 acres of land in Bong county for the start of the of the agriculture project.

He said Liberia’s economic fortune are shaped in large part by the performance of agriculture, which underscores the importance of modernizing the sector through mechanization , improved agronomic methods, and practical business solutions to meet domestic and international market.

Mr. Wuo said, the lead farmers in Liberia possess management abilities, leadership credibility in the Community and can act as advisors and also provide operator- assisted services to multiple nearby smallholder farmers, represented by Mohammed Kamara, Jonnie Kpoto and others.

He emphasized that, as a pilot program, the smart Farm model will serve as catalyst for the transformation of the agriculture sector throughout Liberia and will deliver services related to mechanization of the agriculture sector imputes, agronomic practices, irrigation ,post-harvest handling and storage.

He also said participants of the project will be taught farming techniques to adapt to climate change and deal with harvest loss.

“This will mean that in the future they can sell in bulk, have more confidence to negotiate with traders, and avoid exploitation by tradesmen who underpay for produce,” he said.

For their part, Dr. Delore Zimmerman, founder and President of Praxis Africa, and Mr. Matt Dunlevy, president and Chief Executive Officer of Tau Drones commended the Liberian government for encouraging them to come to Liberia and noted that they are ready, willing and prepared to work with Liberians to ensure that they grow their own food.
Written By T.R Dixon

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