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Speaker Chambers Receives Honor in the UK

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MONROVIA: House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has been honored by Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in the United Kingdom, Amb. Moses Owen Browne.

The Distinguished recognition of the Speaker, according to Amb. Moses Owen Browne, comes as a result of his leadership at the 54th Legislature.

The Liberian Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization says he was excited to welcome Speaker Chambers to London, United Kingdom.

Amb. Browne, on behalf of his team at the Liberian Permanent Mission to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) formally congratulated Speaker Bhofal Chambers and members of the Legislature for the passage of the Dual Citizen Bill into Law; something the Liberian Diplomat described as the most significant piece of legislation in recent years, breaking the circles of discrimination and stigmatization against fellow Liberian citizens.

He averred that the passage of the Alien and Nationality Law is a clear indication that Liberia is moving towards addressing what he calls the five (5) Crises of Nation Building: Identity – Legitimacy – Penetration – Participation – Distribution.

He says every Liberian in spite of living in Diaspora is entitled to the opportunities and privileges that the Country provides for its citizens.

“The passage of several anti-graft legislations – for example, giving the Anti-Corruption Commission prosecutorial powers, and protecting whistleblowers are clear manifestations of Good Governance and the fight against corruption! This is victory for Liberia and Liberians” Amb. Browne asserted.

The Liberian Diplomat says Speaker Chambers leadership at the 54th Legislature has demonstrated high-level political will as evidenced by the kind of concessions agreements the Legislature now passed.

“Let me take this time to bestow a special honor on you, Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers, for your level of support to Liberia, and humanitarian services you continue to provide your people. May God bless you.” Amb. Moses Owen Browne, Jr. asserted.

For his part, Speaker Chambers expressed gratitude to the IMO Representative of Liberia for such recognition.

He said to the extent that being honored in the UK because of a supposed ability to reach across party lines and to craft workable solutions to difficult public policy issues by combining the best ideas from each side and compromising any differences, an ability shared by many past Legislators.

Speaker Chambers promised to convey to the rest of his Colleagues in Liberia the greetings and recognition from the Office of the International Maritime Organization IMO, Liberia Permanent Representative.

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