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We Will Liberate Liberia From Weah …UP’s Baokai Asserts

by News Manager

MONROVIA-Former Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has assured hundreds of his Unity Party members and well-wishers gathering in Gbarnga, Bong County, that the opposition community will liberate Liberia and its poor masses from the incumbent regime of President George Manneh Weah come 2023.

Remarking Wednesday during the opening ceremonies of the UP convention, Amb. Boakai said Liberians deserve better than what President George Weah and his CDC are offering in the leadership of the country.

He accused the CDC Government of increasing the sufferings of the Liberian people to an unbearable level, and that there is a need for the country to be placed in capable hands for democratic and economic growth and development.

The UP-Standard Bearer emphasized the need for people of goodwill and like minds and dedication to rise up and democratically unseat the Weah regime which, according to him, is grossly mismanaging the country’s resources and perpetuating the vast majority in excruciating poverty.

At the same time, the former Vice President in his independent message on the occasion marking the Liberia’s 175th anniversary, stressed that the country is still wanting to achieve crucial tenets of democracy amid several years of existence.

“We are yet to achieve economic independence and bring equality in terms of distribution of the national wealth. We are celebrating this anniversary amid rising poverty amongst the people of Liberia, thus putting our nation among the ten poorest countries in the world,” he noted.

VP Boakai added that this year Independence should serve as a deep reflection for every citizen as the nation move toward the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections which, according to him, is defining moment for the country.

He said Liberia is celebrating her 175th independence celebration at a time when the nation is experiencing social, political and economic problems that have
never been noticed since the foundation of Liberia.

“The pomp and pageantry usually associated with this celebration will not be seen this year
Because of the gross misrule and mismanagement of the nation by the inept and kleptocratic CDC regime,” VP Bokai accentuated.
He claimed that Liberia, as one of the oldest independent states is where she is due to fundamental bad flawed leadership. This is why, “I would like to call on this government and future government to come to take serious, the critical condition of the people and nation.”

He wants current and further governments to embark on development programs that will not just meet the needs of the people but place Liberia in its appropriate positive rankings among the comity of nations.

“I have heard so many ask, Uncle Joe, how can we celebrate another Independence? You have an answer to the question, how do we celebrate after 175 years of Independence with a failed health system; a poor educational system, widespread abuse of security, and the rule of law; how do we celebrate when children going hungry; and with a struggling economy,” he questioned.

Also speaking at the occasion, Unity Party’s National Chairman, Amin Modad, called on his partisans to keep in mind the duty ahead of the party in determining a new trajectory towards 2023.

He described the convention as historical, not only for the UP, but also nationally because the decisions that would be made will affect the course of performance in the 2023 Presidential and Legislatives Elections.

Chairman Modad expressed the hope that the convention will be an opportunity to soberly reflect on the issues that Liberia is confronted with, and keep in sight the better Liberia that all well-meaning Liberians are yearning for.

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