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Youth Cautioned Against Violence

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MONROVIA: The National Chairman of the Opposition Redemption Democratic Party of Liberia (RDC) Rev. Victor S.N Saylee, advised youth to desist from being used as destructive tools of violence during the upcoming 2023 Presidential and Legislative election in Liberia and pursuit the pave of pace.

Rev. Saylee noted that, Peace is a prerequisite for development as a whole because it creates an enabling environment for the fundamentals of societal progress which are Infrastructural Development, Free Market Structures and the Rule of Law.

According to him, when there is the absence of peace, key sectors such as Education and Health break down, critical systems to enable nationwide development all crumble.

“Peace preserves additional resources both human and financial which if left unabated would otherwise be used to instill violence adding that’ We are all aware by now that peace and development go hand in hand, the more peaceful a nation, the more prosperous, stable, and developed it shall be” he said.

The RDC National Chairman in an interview with this paper Tuesday, August 2, 2022 indicated that, for the many years of civil conflict, all her generation witnessed was sustained destruction of properties, loss of lives, a tarnished national image and lowering of our self-esteem. This left many to wonder if development could ever take place amidst all these conditions.

He emphasized that nevertheless, Liberians demonstrated a strong will, a nationalistic spirit, courage in the face of unsurmountable challenges and set aside their differences to choose peace over conflict which allowed our nation to move forward.

Rev. Saylee stressed that, with the fresh air of peace over the land, our democracy was restored, and the rebuilding of our nation commenced adding that, Peace, is not and has not been the absence of war or violent conflict, rather it is the presence of a fully functioning society which provides opportunities and equal participation in the national space.

He said when there is peace development can spread to every nook and cranny of Liberia and can get access to education which is a matter of right and not privilege healthcare, accessible and increased number of medical facilities as well as referral hospitals beyond the capital city regardless of location and medium.

Speaking further he said that when there is people will freely express themselves without having to fear for their lives and people can get equal participation in the political landscape of the country, where the mandate and choices of the people are respected.

“And because there is peace, we are experiencing waves of development across the country. Whether you and I choose to acknowledge it or not the development is quite visible” she said.

He also said Liberia is still challenged in many regards stressing that, this is not what we Liberians are proud of, but neither are we ashamed. With every challenge comes the opportunity for Liberians to demonstrate true patriotism and sincere love for country” she noted.

According to him, nevertheless, prosperity and development is not achieved overnight nor are they instantaneous outcomes. They are outcomes of bold leadership and prudent decision making which brings me to the not so favorable topic of modus operandi in terms of donor support in the form of direct budget support or donor implemented projects.

In another deployment, Opposition Redemption Democratic Party National Chairman used the occasion to caution national government on the issues of drug abuse and unemployment among the youth in the country.

He suggested that if the government can address the problem of drug abuse and unemployment among the youth, would drastically reduce.

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