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Empower Youth For Better Liberia -Prince Woods Asserts

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By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: The Prince and Taywah Woods Foundation, a non-for-profit organization, through its Executive Director, Prince Woods, has bemoaned the harsh economic condition faced by Liberians across the country. He stressed that young people must be empowered with education and other learning skills to help transform the country for better.

Birthed with the primary intent to give back to less fortunate in society by empowering people for greater opportunities, the “Prince and Taywah Woods” has impacted the lives of many young people through various initiatives for the last three years in Liberia.

Interestingly, several young people in Montserrado County District #15 over the weekend participated in a daylong debate and singing competition with support from the ‘Prince and Taywah Woods Foundation’.

Minutes after the program, Woods urged young people to see themselves as the next generation of leaders by valuing their God’s given talents and to pursue the path of education.

“There is hope and I want to encourage these young people who participated; don’t see yourself as losers. Your talents are impressive; keep it up. We will be rolling out a scholarship for everyone who took part,” he stressed.

In an interview with this paper Tuesday, the foundation executive director, Mr. Woods observed that Liberians especially young people are not being assisted to move forward positively, something he said, triggered the passion of the Prince and Taywah Foundation’s hand of support.

“In the midst of the difficulties in Liberia, the young people are still striving; we think we can help them uplift their own spirit in terms of education so that they would be empowered,” Woods accentuated.
The young people in Margibi and Montserrado counties, according to him, have been impacted either through health care services or education empowerment through the Prince and Taywah Woods Foundation.

Mr. Woods added that the foundation, intends to reach out to other counties in Liberia provided the funding is available in the long run.

Touching on concern about political ambition amid his involvement with young people, he mentioned that it is too early to disclose a particularly position with respect to politics but noted that at the appropriate time, the determination will be made.

“As I always said, my older brother, Samuel Koffi Woods, has motivated in this direction, as an advocate, he always said, it is always good to leave your option open; political or non-political, just in case but for now, my focus is to uplift the spirit of the young people,” he added.

As it stands, the young people in Liberia constitute the vast majority of the population.

Ahead of the 2023, Presidential and Legislative elections in Liberia, many independent observers have hinted that youthful population will numerically determine Liberia’s team of elected leaders.

Meanwhile, the foundation has also cataloged programs for young women and girls across the country.

According to Mr. Woods, his wife has been very instrumental in making sure that women and girls benefit from every opportunity.

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