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UP Official Blames Lawmakers

by News Manager

MONROVIA: An official of the opposition Unity Party (UP) Madam Dabah Mabande Varpilah has blamed the poor state of education in Grand Cape Mount County on the County’s lawmakers for their inability to perform their duties.

She said, the first and foremost function of a lawmaker in the contemporary era of democracy is to formulate the will of the state into laws, give it a legal character and transform the demands of the people into authoritative laws/statutes.

She said the County’s lawmakers lack the will power and technical know-how to perform their duties and that their actions is leading to the educational deterioration in the county.

Madam Varpilah added that Grand Cape Mount County Legislators are not working in the best interest of the people and this is why they do not advocate for the improvement of the education system in the County.

She made the statement over the weekend when she served as Guest speaker of the Konja English and Arabic School in Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County.

Madam Varpilah who is the senior vice Chair of the opposition Unity Party and an aspirant for the Senatorial seat in Grand Cape Mount County comes 2023 provided scholarship to Little Kadija Kamara of the Konja English and Arabic School.

Konja English and Arabic School is an Elementary school located in Konja Town, Mano Palm Plantation, Garwula District, and Grand Cape Mount County.

According to her, Little Kadija Kamara, age 5, was given the scholarship from Kindergarten (K-I) until she graduates from high school based on her performance as it relates to reciting the Arabic alphabets perfectly and her outspokenness.

Madam Varpilah, at the same time, urged the parents of students of the institution to keep their children in school for a better tomorrow.
She caution that the failure of parents to give a child a deserving education will only keep the family in poverty.

For his part, Mr. Francis Cooper, Principal of the institution lauded school’s Parents-Teachers Association for its continuous support to the school. He assured the Konja English and Arabic School Administration’s fullest commitment in providing sound and quality education to all students of the school.

Cooper than thanked Madam Varpilah for her support towards the institution and education for girls, something, he stated, will prepare them for societal leadership.

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