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Weah Nominates GC Vice Chair

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MONROVIA: President George Manneh Weah, has nominated Madam Elizabeth W. Dorkin as Vice Chairman of Governance Commission (GC).

GC is charged with the responsibility to promote good governance by advising, designing, and formulating appropriate policies and institutional arrangements and frameworks required for achieving good governance, and promoting integrity at all levels of society and within every public and private institution.

Making the nomination on August 3, 2022, President Weah implored Madam Dorkin, who once served as Officer-In-Charge at the Governance Commission, to work with her colleagues to ensure that the mandate of the Commission is scrupulously implemented and fulfilled.

The appointment is under Section 5.2 of the Act that established the Governance Commission (GC) and is based on the qualification, experience, and commitment of the new GC Vice Chairperson. It is subject to confirmation by the Senate.

The latest appointment will put to bed internal wrangling at the Governance Commission amid months of power struggle between the newly appointed Vice Chair, Elizabeth Dorkin, and Commissioner George Howard.

The situation at a time, according to independent observers, painted a negative picture of the GC and the government, prompting the President to appoint Dr. Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae as Chairman of the Governance Commission (GC).

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