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Murder Cover- Up In Kakata?…As Suspect Goes On the Run

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By: E. Geedahgar Garsuah, Sr.

KAKATA/ MARGIBI CO.: An independent investigation conducted by this paper has detected what appears to be traces of a scheme to allegedly cover-up the brutal death of a 34-year old woman, who is a resident of Gotumo Town, Kakata City suburb in Margibi County.

According to our investigation, individuals suspected to be involved in the alleged covered up include Margibi County Superintendent, Jerry Varney; and Margibi County Acting Police Chief, Dixon Paul Kemokai.

The victim, identified as Nuwoe Kerkulah, met her untimely demise on Friday, August 26, 2022, two days after she was allegedly hit severely at the back of her neck with a mortal pestle by a man, identified as Joseph T. Sati.

The deceased leaves to mourn her two young children, Daniel Katacan, 12, and Surprise Katacan, 10.

The remains of Madam Nuwoe Kerkulah is currently deposited at the Solomon Tubee Funeral Parlor in Kakata, Margibi County, pending investigation of circumstances that led to her death, which many keen observers believed is a murder.

The ongoing investigation is believed to be conducted under the auspices of Margibi County Attorney, Cllr. Deddeh Jomah Wilson.

The brutal incident, as our investigation gathered, occurred during the late evening of Wednesday, August 24, 2022, in Gotumo Town where the deceased (Nuwoe) had gone to complain Garmai, the girl who is said to be a girlfriend of suspect Joseph T. Sati relative to an altercation which reportedly occurred between both women earlier that day.

According to some community dwellers’ accounts, the situation got out of control, when Garmai, suspect Joseph’s girlfriend, jumped on the deceased (Nuwoe) into a fistfight on grounds that she was disturbing peace in the house.

While the two women were engaged in the fist fight, eyewitnesses said, suspect Joseph, having noticed that his alleged girlfriend was facing some difficulties, took a mortal pestle and hit Nuwoe, who is now deceased, from the back of her neck, after which she became unconscious.

The paper has gathered that Joseph Sati was then apprehended via citizens’ arrest and taken to the headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Detachment in Kakata, Margibi County.

There, he was preliminarily investigated and subsequently charged by the police with the Crime of Simple Assault and subsequently placed in police detention, pending release of Nuwoe’s medical report from a local medical center.

Our investigation however, gathered that in the absence of a medical report from any clinic or hospital, suspect Joseph Sati, through the alleged intervention of Margibi County Superintendent, Jerry Varney, and with the alleged acquiesces of Margibi County Acting Police Commander, identified as Dixon Paul Kemokai, released suspect Joseph Sati from police detention, to a man, identified as Emmanuel Sati, who is also said to be the suspect’s older brother.

All efforts exerted by this paper to have Margibi County Acting Police Chief, Kemokai, to speak on the matter in Margibi yielded no fruits as he remains tightlipped.

But, an unimpeachable and authoritative police source who spoke with this paper on grounds of anonymity for security and administrative reasons, hinted that the two police officers (not named) who allegedly released suspect Joseph T. Sati from LNP detention are currently undergoing investigation while a vigorous manhunt is ongoing for the re-arrest of suspect Joseph.

Our background check on Emmanuel Sati, big brother of suspect Joseph Sati, to whom the suspect was released by the police, uncovered that Emmanuel Sati is working at the National Legislature, although there is no independent confirmation on his status at the Legislature.

The news of Madam Nuwoe Kerkulah’s demise within twenty-four hours after the reported release of suspect Joseph Sati from LNP detention, eyewitnesses say, sent shockwaves in the spines of citizens and residents including Superintendent Varney and Police Commander Kemokai.

Both officials, according to the victim’s father, Samuel F. Kerkulah, have been working hand-in-hand and around the clock to convince the bereaved family to carry out a quick burial of Nuwoe while the suspect remains at large.

Another source of the bereaved family claims that Superintendent Varney attempted to give US$2,500.00, an equivalent of L$375,000 to the victim’s family, with a promise that the Sati’s family will cater to the deceased’s two young children.

It is not clear as to how such catering would have been conducted.
However, when this paper contacted Superintendent Varney for comment, he categorically denied that he wanted to give the bereaved family any money.
He also denied having any connection to the release of suspect Joseph Sati from police detention.

He then referred this paper to the office of Margibi County Attorney, Cllr. Deddeh Jomah Wilson, on the matter.

When contacted, the Margibi County Attorney, Cllr. Wilson confirmed that her office has been informed by the deceased family’s lawyer, Cllr. Sargbeh Benedict, on the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death.

Cllr. Deddeh Wilson did not give details as regards the discussion between her office and the bereaved family, but promised to make full report to the public when the ongoing discussions are concluded.
Another family source who is closed to the discussions disclosed that an autopsy to establish the actual cause (s) of Nuwoe Kerkulah’s death is being eyed by the bereaved family before her burial.

The biological father of the deceased Mr. Samuel F. Kerkulah, speaking to our reporter in a mournful tone vowed to ensure that the county authorities do the right things concerning circumstances leading to the death of his daughter.

He demanded that justice should be done for the death of his daughter by bringing to book anyone suspected to be responsible.

According to Mr. Kerkulah, since the incident that resulted into the death of his daughter, the family of the alleged perpetrator has not shown any sign of remorse for his alleged act and the whereabouts of suspect Joseph.

Meanwhile, Margibi County Prison Fellowship Liberia Coordinator and Human Rights Monitor, Pastor Leroy Swen, has frowned on what he termed as the “compromised nature” concerning the police conduct concerning suspect Joseph’s release from police detention and his suspected escape from justice.

Pastor Swen expressed dismay that the police charged suspect Joseph with the Crime of Simple Assault, owing to the gravity of his alleged action against the female victim without waiting for official medical report.
According to the Human Rights advocate, the release of the suspect from police custody without the knowledge of the victim’s family and the medical report is a misconduct by the police in Margibi.

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