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Bea Mountain Officials Snub House Delegation

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….Speaker Expresses Dismay

MONROVIA: A high powered delegation from the House of Representatives on Wednesday, 21, September, 2022, paid a day long visit to the New Liberty Gold Mines in the Bea Mountain Concession areas.

According to House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers, the visit was intended to ascertain if the Management of Bea Mountain Corporation is living up to the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) signed with the Government of Liberia.

During the visit, Speaker Chambers expressed dismay over the absence of top managers of BMMC, including its General Manager, Mr. Reza Karimiyan.
Speaker Chambers also raised concerns about the Company’s social corporate responsibilities to the affected Communities.

“What you cannot do in Turkey, don’t do it to our people working with your company,” Speaker Chambers told the expatriates.

The lawmakers were also concerned about environmental issues, the number of Liberians being employed in top management positions, and the relocation of citizens who were living in the neighborhood of the mining site.

On the issue of giving out work permits to foreign nationals, the House delegation urged the Ministry of Labor to provide clarity on the matter.

The delegation said the presence of Representatives from the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Ministry of Mines and Energy are needed at the operation sites to determine the value of minerals (gold) that leaves Liberia.

Touring the market, Clinic, Housing Estate and Vocational School in Kin-Jor, the lawmakers observed the lack of toilet facilities, medical supplies (drugs), running water, and warehouse for marketers to store their goods.

The delegation was dissatisfied with the housing facilities of local staffs.

Residents of some affected communities near Bea Mountain’s 478-kilometer concession area, in the Gola Konneh District of Grand Cape Mount County, are uncomfortable that underground mining will further push them into poverty.

The citizens claim the company’s operations are already having adverse effects on their livelihoods.

The latest visit by member of the Legislature is the second. Their first visitation led to pressure being mounted on the Company to address the workers plights.

The House’s Investment and Concession Committee Chair, Clarence Massaquoi, gave an overview of the previous visit that he headed and indicated steps that have been taken so far as a result of the House intervention.

He narrated that the company has entered an MOU to provide 150,000 USDs each to three affected communities per annual. This is in addition to the social contribution stated in the MDA among others.

The Delegation comprised
Dr. Bhofal Chambers- Speaker & Head of Delegation; Rosana G.D.H. Schaack, Haja Fata Siryon, Ivar K. Jones, Matthew Joe, Solomon C. George.

Other lawmakers were Byron W. Zahnwea,
Alex Chersia Grant, Samson Quejue Wiah,
Francis Sakila Nyumalin, Sr., Samuel G. Kogar, P. Mike Jurry, Clarence Massaquoi, Johnson N. Gwaikolo, Mambu Sonii, J. Sayfurh Geplay- Deputy Chief Clerk/Delegation Secretary.

Media representatives included Robert Haynes- Director of Press/HOR; Sampson David- Reporter/ELBC; Bridgett Milton- Reporter/New Dawn Newspaper; Augustine Saah- Reporter/Truth FM; Haji Massaley – SPOON FM/TV.

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