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Boakai Storms Ganta …Says UP Belongs To Nimba

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By Varney Dukuly

GANTA, NIMBA CO.: Former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the former governing Unity Party, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, was greeted with a mammoth crowd of supporters as he splendidly enters Ganta City, Nimba County, as citizens from different groupings pledged their unreserved support to his Presidential bid in 2023.

The surging crowd comprising youth, women and elders lined the streets of Ganta, also known as “Gompa,” trumpeting pro-Boakai slogans as his entourage slowly made entry into one of the busiest commercial hubs in the northern-eastern region of Liberia.
“Let me thank you for the invitation and the warm welcome my delegation and I received since our arrival in the historic Nimba County! We are pleased with the enthusiasm and good spirit that the citizens of Nimba residing here in this metropolitan city of Ganta,” Boakai said.

Former VP Boakai’s arrival in Nimba over weekend was based on an invitation to him by a group, styled: “Movement of Concerned Former Local Government Authorities and Eminent Citizens of Nimba in Support of Boakai.”

Addressing the jubilant citizens, the former Vice President pointed out that Nimba is a Great County that has produced great minds, dedicated patriots, and outstanding public servants who have contributed immensely to the development of the country.

According to him, Nimba and Lofa counties have always stood behind each other, worked together, and have great and fond memories together.

The former VP’s statement was indirect reference to the first Standard Bearers of the erstwhile Liberia Action Party (LAP), Jackson Fiah Doe (late); and the Unity Party (UP), of Dr. Edward Beyan Kesselly (late). Fiah Doe and Edward B. Kesselley hailed from Nimba and Lofa Counties respectively.

He said: “It is only fair to state and credit the late Jackson Doe as one of the pillars as it relates to establishing the foundation of the Unity Party.”

The UP Flag-bearer stated, among other things, that Unity Party belongs to the people of Nimba, judging from the historical bonds existing in Liberia’s multi-party democracy.

He, however, called on the people of Lofa and Nimba counties to garner support for UP in the crucial presidential and legislative elections, come 2023, to ensure that incumbent President George Manneh Weah is given a one-term mandate.

At the moment, Weah intends to seek re-election in line with another six-year term as provided for in the 1986 constitution of Liberia.

“And this is why we, together with Nimba and Lofa, must lock-arms and march with gallant un-pretended to meet the fore in October 2023 to finish the work that Jackson F. Doe of LAP; Edward B. Kesselly, (UP); Gabriel Kpolleh of the erstwhile Liberia Unification Party (LUP), and others started.”

The former Vice President is of the belief that Liberia, under the Weah’s administration, is entrenched in a cesspool of poverty, bad governance, local and international public disrepute.

He added that it was therefore not a surprise when LAP merged with UP during the 2011 elections to usher in the second six-year term of the Unity Party, with Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf serving as President and he (Boakai) as Vice President.

“I would like to inform the people of Nimba County that the Liberia Action Party of Jackson Doe is still embedded in the Unity Party that I, as Standard Bearer, will present to the Liberian people again as we go into the 2023 general elections,” Boakai, declared.

In 2017, Nimba did not deliver the presidency as expected to the Unity Party, but the former Vice President said, his trust and confidence in Nimba remains stronger than ever before.

“2017 is behind us, and 2023 is just ahead of us! So, my people of Nimba County, let us do the RIGHT THING, this time, to the memory of Jackson Doe and other great sons of Nimba County that have passed on!”

Nimba County was established in 1964 and has the population 462,026, according to the 2008 National Population Census. Nimba is located in northeastern Liberia, and shares borders with Ivory Coast and Guinea. It has the second largest population and economy of the country, next to Montserrado County.

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