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SDA, Others Linked To Tuition Hike …As Several Catholic Schools Succumb To Reduction

by News Manager

MONROVIA: It is a rigid commencement of the Ministry of Education (MOE) enforcement of inspection of schools across Liberia on the hike of tuition.

MOE taskforce hooked both the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School on Camp Johnson road in central Monrovia, and the Monrovia Open Bible Standard School in Congo Town, (MOBSS) amongst other institutions for unjustifiably hiking their tuitions.

Addressing the Ministry of Information regular press conference on Thursday, September 22, 2022, Deputy Education Minister Latim Da-Thong said the two schools increased their tuitions without improvement in any of their facilities that could justify the increment.

He said the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School admitted to the unorthodox increment, and agreed to readjust their fees in the coming days.

On the other hand, the Monrovia Open Bible Standard School (MOBSS) which was also found in violation of the MOE regulation, did not just hike its fees, but has also been operating without operational permit from the ministry.

However, Clause 4 of the Ministry of Education School Operational Permit Regulation of 2022 provides that, “No school will be permitted to increase tuition without appropriate justification.”

Upon being caught in the violation, the ministry has warned the two schools to effectively and immediately readjust their fees to avoid further actions.

As disclosed by the Deputy Education Minister, over 25 schools in Montserrado County were visited as part of the first phase of the ministry’s inspection, as a good number of recognized institutions also had justifiable reasons for tuition increment.

Minister Da-Thong said amongst other violators were several catholic schools whose high administration maturely agreed to readjust their fees.

Few weeks ago, the Ministry of Education arranged taskforce to investigate the hike in private school fees and take action against unjustifiable increases.

By this notice, the Ministry of Education informed the general public and specifically private schools of its intention to enforce the restriction of an abnormal hike in school fees across the education system.

The Taskforce is charged with the responsibility to review every school’s fee structure compared to the previous year and ensure compliance with the “School Operational Permit Regulation 2022,” clause 4, which provides that “no school will be permitted to increase tuition by more than 20% in a given academic year.”

Moreover, the Ministry of Education insists that all school owners and administrators with an intention of increasing fees must adhere to several protocols that includes PTA” engagement to agree on any such adjustments outside of the 20% acceptable increment based on improved systems and facilities.

It also mandate the need for schools seeking such action as an increase in fees to communicate with the designated education officer with adequate justification, present a valid school regulation permit, and a copy of previous and proposed teacher salaries.

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