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NPA Improves Lightning System At Freeport

by News Manager

By Lucia Boyenoh Dohr

MONROVIA: Acting Managing Director Diana Nebo along with Co-Executives of the National Port Authority (NPA) have switched the ‘ON’ button to Improve Illumination at the Freeport of Monrovia.

This is part of major rudiments by the Port’s Management to ensure adequate lighting within/ around the country’s main flagship dock and enhance safety especially during night operations.

It is significantly meant to aid/ help ship to port, improve visual comfort, detect act of insecurities, protect assets, staff and fully secure the entire port’s facility from potential danger that are associated with unwarranted protocols of the International Ship and Port ( ISPS ) regime .

As an (ISPS) International Ship and Port ISPS Compliance level One Facility, the Freeport’s improved lightning has further brightened the image of the port when night falls.

Recently, NPA Management informed all port users that the routine International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Protocols and Access Procedures are being reinforced with vigorous actions against violators.

These protocols, according to NPA press release MUST be strictly adhered to by ALL Users of the Port for Access Purposes.

In view of this reinforced and vigorous exercise, the NPA said its valued staff/ Port Users MUST wear /visibly display their access passes at all times within the port facilities.

Only approved and designated vehicles will be allowed access to/ through the alpha gate, the release added.

The Port Management said the pedestrian gate is exclusively meant for foot path and access by Port Users without Vehicle(s).

All staff/Port Users MUST avoid wearing shower slippers, short trousers, sleeveless shirt, blouses, skin tights and other forms of non-industrial wears while seeking access to the ports, the release warned.

Failure to adhere to these protocols will constitute deny/ access to the port’s facilities, the release concluded.

In March 2010, the Freeport of Monrovia became ISPS Compliant (with no conditions) and moved from Security Level 2 to Security Level 1 in July 2010. The Freeport of Monrovia awarded Operations Contract to APM Terminal to handle port operations, which includes container handling, cargo handling, and marine.

As of 2011, a One-Stop Shop has been established at the port to make it expedite Shipping and Clearing Procedures. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, and Central Bank have set up sub stations at the port to expedite the process.

An act of legislature established the National Port Authority in 1967 (amended in 1970) as a state-owned enterprise to manage, plan and develop all ports in Liberia. The authority manages four ports, namely, the Freeport of Monrovia, the Port of Buchanan, the Port of Greenville and the Port of Harper.

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