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Unfinished Business

by newsmanager

On Saturday, October 3st, 2020, President George Manneh Weah, launched what He Called Liberia’s First Postwar National Carrier-Air Craft at the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County,

“Lone Star Air.” Since then, little or nothing has been heard about this much-publicized aircraft as many international airlines continued to threaten Pull out of Liberia.

What has happened to this project?

Two countries in the West African Sub-region suffered serious human rights violation including international humanitarian laws. Citizens of Liberia and Sierra Leone went through some of worst inhumane treatments during their respective civil wars. Over 250,000 people died in the Liberian civil conflict while 65, 000 people were killed in cold blood in neighboring Sierra Leone. At least, war victims of Sierra Leone had gotten justice for the prosecution and subsequent punishment of those responsible for their mayhem.

Sadly, Liberia with the highest number of war victims has yet to accord JUSTICE to those in need despite the massive local and global calls for the establishment of the war crimes court for Liberia. Although the Liberian government said it is making efforts for establishment of the court. So when will the War and Economic Crimes Court be established in Liberia?

*In December 2018, President George Manneh Weah promised to construct a modern 4,000-capacity conference hall on the BALI ISLAND facing the Slipway Community over the Dua River. President Weah said the Bali Island Conference construction would be completed within 24-month, but since then, there appears to have been no visible sign that any construction work is being done on the Island. When will the government begin the construction of the 4,000-capacity conference hall?
During one of his presidential tour, President George Weah condemned the dilapidated condition of River Gee County Presidential palace and ordered its refurbishment. Has the presidential palace been rebuilt as mandated by President Weah? If not, When?

During his presidential tour of the country, President Weah assured the construction of a modern sport stadium for each of the nation’s 15 counties. Have any county benefited from construction of a modern sport stadium? If not, when?

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