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Cummings Wants War Crimes Court, Too

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E. Geedahgar Garsuah, Sr.

MONROVIA: Aimed at bringing to end the culture of impunity, the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Benedict Cummings (ABC) has unambiguously stated that he is full support for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

Cummings vowed that as president, ending impunity and holding accountable, individuals alleged to have participated in the country’s bloody civil war, which accounts, for the decimation of over a quarter of Liberians, through the court system, will be placed on the front burner of his agenda.
“I will determinedly pursue this as President because it is the right thing to do for nation healing, reconciliation, and democratic consolidation,” the ANC Political Leader intoned.

Speaking recently to a gathering of Liberians and foreign counterparts in the United States of America on the Theme: “Democracy, Accountability, And Justice As The Foundation For Real Change In Liberia”, Cummings pointed out the urgent need for Liberians from all walks of life to embrace the establishment of the court, as such will serve as a conduit through which genuine reconciliation can be fostered.
Cummings said: “Liberia must, therefore, end the seemingly unending culture of impunity and exclusion.

Our society cannot continue to be an environment where especially people with power believe themselves to be above the law, or that the law ought not to apply equally to them. The law must apply equally to all persons regardless of power, position, name, religion, connections, or tribe,” the ANC standard bearer asserted.

The former Corporate Executive at the Coco-Cola Bottling Company turned politician lauded that U.S. Government for its continued and renewed commitment to the process evidenced by the recent visit to Liberia of U. S Ambassador-At-Large for Global Criminal Justice, Beth Van Schaack.

The U. S Ambassador-At-Large visited Liberia on Thursday October 6, 2022 to hold discussion with Heads of eight local and global civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Civil Society Organizations Ambassador Beth Van Schaack meet with are believed to be actively involved with the advocacy for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court.

“I am therefore grateful to hear of the promised support of the United States Government for this effort. While it may be named War and Economic Crimes Court, especially for economic crimes, it is time to set the right examples that Liberia will be a country of laws and not men,” she stated.

Cummings has, at the same time, cautioned the newly inducted Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia to not bow to political meddling in the discharge of her constitutional judiciary authority but entreats her to dispense justice without fear or favor in keeping of the laws.

He said: “While I welcome the preferment and induction of the new Chief Justice, I challenge her administration of the Judiciary to not only resist political interferences in the delivery of justice but also to fearlessly guard the courts against being used to archive unjust end. I acknowledge that the system and administration of justice in our country are in dire need of urgent reforms. But this must not excuse our individual responsibility to stand for what is right especially when preferred to do only that which is right for the nation”.

Meanwhile, Cummings has called on Liberians to commit themselves to doing that which is right for the betterment of the youthful population and the emerging generation. According to him, while his respect and value popularity in an electoral process remained firm, he also of the strongest conviction that leaders must endeavor to do what is right.

According to him, his quest for the nation’s highest office is built on the mindset of genuine change, while vowing that he will not be a president of real change.

“I understand the value of popularity in elections. But I also know that leaders must strive to be right, and not to just popular. This is why leaders must set not popular examples but the right examples so that others can follow”.

“I am running for the presidency of our country to lead our nation toward real change. I am not looking to simply repeat the same things. Real change is not a commitment to do the same things expecting a different result. It is doing things differently, doing things that may not be popular today but are best for our country tomorrow,” the ANC Political Leader and CPP presumed Standard bearer asserted.

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