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COSOL Actualizes Royalty Payment

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MONROVIA: The Copyright Society of Liberia, otherwise known as COSOL, in keeping with its mandate as Liberia’s lone Collective Management Organization (CMO), has hand-delivered a check bearing an amount of US$500 to Julius Shine Wiah Kosugba, alias J-Shine, as winner of COSOL’s anti-piracy jingo awareness competition.

COSOL is the official secretariat in the Copyright Department of the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO), headed by Director General, P. Adelyn Cooper.

COSOL, as Liberia’s only CMO and regulator of the country’s creative sector is charged with the mandate to collect and distribute royalty for creative contents amongst creative artists.

The presentation of the cash price award to J-Shine, according to COSOL’s Executive Director, Prince Emmanuel Decker, is to symbolize the payment of royalty in keeping with COSOL’s “Pay before play” mantra.

Decker said: “The core message for today’s event is to symbolize royalty payment. Pay before pay. So, we paid for the work with the prize money.

Speaking in an exclusive conversation at the climax of an elaborate program marking the official pronouncement of local artist J-Shine as winner, Decker said the anti-piracy jingo awareness competition is in fulfillment of the Ninth World Copyright Day’s which was held in April under the Theme: “Adding Value to Creativity for Wealth Creations.”

“Back in April, as a follow-up to the Ninth World Copyright Day, we thought that as an institution promoting wealth creation among local artists and creative contents in the fight against piracy, why not have local artists involved under the principle of inclusiveness. This led us (COSOL) crafting a framework through a competition which was only opened to our members,” COSOL’s E-D intoned.

Decker pointed out that the competition was in the direction of COSOL leading the charge as an institution tasked with the duty to collect and distribute royalty among local creative artists who are captured in COSOL’s membership database.

Four local artists met the required deadline to send their works via in their sent in entrance to participate in anti-piracy awareness campaign jingo.

Local artists who contested in the competition include, Troy Banmore, alias Soul-smarter; H. Momo Fortune, alias Fortune Jr; Abraham W. Jabbah, alias Jabbah De-Boss and Julius Shine Wiah Kosugba alias J-Shine.

The winner of COSOL’s anti-piracy jingo awareness campaign competition J-Shine got the accumulative score of 144; while first runner-up Soul-smarter got the score of 218; Jabbah De-Boss came third with 211 points, as Fortune Jr. finished last with the score of 205.

Presenting the cash award to the J-Shine, LIPO Director General, Cllr. P. Adelyn Cooper, expressed optimism that with the massive awareness COSOL is undertaking, creative content producers are at the verge of reaping financial dividends from their creative arts.

She congratulated the participants and encouraged the winners to collaborate with COSOL aimed ensuring the message against piracy reaches every nook and corner of the country.

LIPO Director General: “If it was like ten years back, and someone tell me that listen to Liberian music, I would have said, I don’t even have battery, talk less about electricity to waste my time. But, I believe that we have improved over the years, and I say congratulations to the winners and all those who participated in the process.”

Cllr. Cooper used the occasion to encourage Liberians to lend support to Liberia’s creative industry. She added that with the support of Liberians, local creative artists can gain motivation to up their game in the production of creative contents.

“We will start from here and we can grow bigger with your help because we want to make Liberia a better place for quality creative contents. We cannot always continue to go outside and see other people and want the latest from Africa music while we have our own right here in Liberia and we cannot promote it”, Cllr. P. Adelyn Cooper, LIPO’s Director General stated.
Speaking to our reporter minutes after receiving a check of US$500 as winner of COSOL anti-piracy jingo awareness competition, J-Shine lauded COSOL under the leadership of Prince E. Decker for its efforts aimed at adding value to Liberia’s creative industry.

He took advantage of the occasion to encourage local artists to copyright their creative works with COSOL’s and be included in the entity’s membership database to benefit from the many opportunities that are being provided by COSOL to enhance the functions of the creative sector.

“I am glad that we have come this far with such improvement by the help of COSOL. I grade COSOL excellent for the fairness and transparency in the competition. I want other local artists to come to COSOL and copyright their creative arts so that they can get the needed financial benefits,” winner Julius-Shine Wiah Kosugba, alias J-Shine intoned.

For his part, second runner-up, Troy Banmore, alias Soul-smarter praised COSOL for the level of innovative mechanisms it has put in place to ensure that values are added to the creative sector.

Troy Banmore who has a longstanding history in the creative industry, spanning as far back as the LIB Record days, lauded the three panel of judges for being fair and transparent in the selection process.
He buttressed J-Shine by encouraging local artists to take up membership with COSOL for the benefit of adding financial values to their creative arts.

COSOL’s anti-piracy jingo awareness campaign competition was organized with the primary goal of enhancing COSOL’s mandate of value addition to creativity.

The competition’s objective is to encourage the participation of the creative community and COSOL’s members to collectively embrace and join the fight against piracy.

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