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“Weah On Grand Safari” -JNB ‘Slams’ President’s Month-Long Tour

by News Manager

By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: The Political leader of the main opposition Unity Party, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, alias, “JNB,” has heavily criticized President George Manneh Weah, describing the incumbent leader of Liberia as the “biggest laughingstock in the World.”

The JNB who served as Vice President to Africa’s first democratically elected female President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for 12 consecutive years said: “Never have we seen a president of Liberia become a laughingstock or joke in the world; never have we lived under a government that brings so much shame and disgrace to our country.”

The former Vice President mentioned that amid the increasing difficulties facing the Liberian nation, President Weah is on “a grand safari, using state resources to support his pleasurable lifestyle.”

Boakai, the leading opposition politician’s statement comes after President Weah left the country for a seven-week official trip abroad for several reasons, including the attendance of the opening ceremonies of this year’s world cup, organized by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA in Qatar.
Prior to his departure, the Liberian leader declared a National Holiday for the conduct of National Population and Housing Census, but no enumerators from the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS), which is responsible for implementation of said exercise visited homes in various communities across the country.

Moreover, the CENSUS process has been marred by multiple postponements by LISGIS from one date to another, with the support of the Legislature; protests by CENSUS enumerators who have consistently called for payment of their training fees among others by the Weah led Government.

“Yes, we are aware, and with no surprise, that he (President Weah), will eventually end up at the World Cup events in Qatar. That is his mainstay,” Boakai accentuated.

The failed CENSUS Holiday on Friday, November 11, 2022, according to government critics, effectively brought shame and embarrassment to the Government.

President Weah, who is currently out of the country however, flexed his presidential mussels by dismissing, for Administrative reasons, the then Acting Director General of LISGIS, Wilmot Smith, and his then deputy for statistics and data processing, Alex Williams.

However, Boakai contended that the Government’s failure to pay civil servants’ salaries on time, is among many other prevailing conditions that pushing the entire country towards the crushing hardship being superimposed (overlaid), by President Weah.

“In our hospitals, there is gross shortage of supply of medical drugs. Patients are being made to take doctors’ prescriptions to nearby pharmacies to buy medicines, usually at very high costs. The nation is thus, in a spiral of crushing hardships, superimposed by a president and his cronies who take pleasure in pomp and pageantry, feeding on the life-blood of our ailing economy,” Boakai declared.

According to him, removing Weah, as President, through a democratic process is the surest way to turn the current ugly chapter in the nation’s history to a better one.

“In the first place, the Weah government must be removed from power in 2023 so that serious efforts can be made to better Liberia and protect the interest of future generations. This will be done through the decisive and popular vote of the Liberian people in 2023,”the former Vice President maintained.

He spoke on Wednesday at a major news conference held at the Unity Party Headquarters in central Monrovia.
The Unity Party, at the same time, insists on the timely registration of voters through the biometric system to avoid duplication and manipulation of results.

“We, therefore, challenge the NEC to provide timely education and awareness to the population to ensure a credible outcome,” he added.

The Rice Saga In Liberia
It seems the reportedly rice shortage and rise in the price of a bag rice on the local market has given the opposition Unity Party the ‘ammunitions’ to attack the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) led government.

Boakai: “All evidence available shows that greed and carelessness in the Weah government are fully responsible for the occasional shortage of basic commodities like food and gas in our small economy. Unfortunately, there is no other way in which the Weah government can demonstrate ability to lead Liberia in the right direction,” opposition political leader declared.

“Unlike Mr. Weah and his corrupt officials, ‘we are clear that the administration of government in a post war-country, or any country for that matter, is not a play-play thing,” Boakai emphasized.

However, the Government of President Weah has consistently said it has carried out multiple development projects than any previous Liberian administration since the Independence of the country in 1847.

The Weah Government, has, nevertheless, said, it has built more roads across the country, provided scholarships for several Liberian students at home and abroad, including the launch of free education at public universities and colleges, among others.

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