Home Politics Cassell’s Presidential Ambition Risks Setback …As PLP Executives Demand New Convention By: Varney Dukuy

Cassell’s Presidential Ambition Risks Setback …As PLP Executives Demand New Convention By: Varney Dukuy

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MONROVIA: The move to liberate the Liberian people in the ensuing 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections by the newly registered People’s Liberation Party (PLP), headed by its Standard Bearer, Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell, is apparently hanging in the balance as the General Policy Commission of the Party has requested for the holding of a new convention.

The PLP, whose political leader, Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell, is currently in the United States battling legal issues over alleged tax fraud joined the Liberia political theater of political parties a year ago as an alternative to replace incumbent President George Manneh Weah whose administration has been considered a miserable failure.

The Party, through its General Policy Commission, in a communication to the chairperson of the Party, Tapple E. Doe, among other things, urged the Chairman to convene a Special National Convention in line with Article 11 of the PLP’s 2021 constitution.

Article IX of the party constitution says: “A special National Convention may be called by the Standard Bearer, Political Leader or the vote of two-third of the membership of the General Policy Commission (GPC) and with the approval of the Standard Bearer.”

The majority members of the GPC, in the communication cited that in line with the constitution and in the face of uncertainty within the party, a revision of the party’s bylaws and constitution is necessary.

“Mr. Chairman, it has been nine (9) months since our standard bearer left the country with his indictment in the USA as well as his promises to fund all aspects of the party programs and services following our return from the Southeastern Region of the country have failed,” the communication, backed by a resolution said.

With thirty days to the National Voter Registration of the country, the GPC said there is no actual direction from the standard bearer as to the party’s participation in the NVR and the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections.
They described as “grave issues that need to be addressed in the soonest possible time to avoid what they called ‘exodus of resignation of officials from the party as already been done with two senior officials resigning including the entire Women Assembly in Lofa County.”

“This is an emergency issue that has the propensity to undermine or create instability in our party,” the communication stated
The General Policy Commission’s request for convention is also backed by Article XII of the party’s constitution, which among other things, states; ‘Any official or member of the GPC and the Governing Council Administrative Leadership Congress shall have the right to request a meeting regarding issues of importance to the growth and development of the PLP through a written communication addressed to the party leader through the Party Chairman.”
The GPC is among many things seeking the revision of the PLP bylaws and constitution, election of officers to fill vacant positions, discuss the pending Voter Registration and other strategic work plans.

“Honorable Chairman, it is our expectation that you kindly give attention to this communication in seven business days as required by the bylaws and constitution as there are critical National issues to be discussed at the proposed National Special Convention,” the letter stressed.

A CC copy of the GPC communication addressed to the PLP Chairman was also provided to the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Davidetta Browne-Lansanah.

The communication, backed by a Resolution had the signatures of the several top executives of the party including Secretary General, Daniel Harris Gayou; and Vice Chairman for Membership, David Woods Beyan; the Women Assembly chairperson, Snoh Jarba.

Other are Akimi Rose Toe, Vice Chairperson for Gender; and Rose Mensah, Vice Chairperson, Persons with Disabilities; all of the People Liberation Party.

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