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Brown Escapes Mob Attack …As He Describes Perpetrators As Cowards

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MONROVIA: In his Inaugural Address in January 2018, President George Manneh Weah promised the Liberian Nation firmed protection of Freedom of Speech as enshrined in the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

“We could not have reached this far without our voices being heard void of intimidation, had it not been the tolerance of my predecessor, (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf), who protected the right of freedom of speech; Now in my term, I will go further to protect not only freedom of speech but also freedom of political assembly,” Weah, who was effectively sandwiched by an array of distinguished African and other world leaders, assured his compatriots at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

However, since his ascendancy to state power, the regime of the former global soccer legend has been heavily criticized by opposition leaders and other critics for its alleged involvement in unbridled corruption, desecration of the rule of law, extravagant lifestyle, among others.

Amidst increasing criticisms of the Weah regime, on Monday night, December 5, 2022, Montserrado County Electoral District 8 was a scene of political violence as some unidentified residents of the district allegedly attacked the vehicle of Liberia’s former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, now Head of opposition leader, Alexander Benedict Cummings Team for the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections.

Brown, has earlier announced plan by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), currently led by Cummings to stage a political rally, aimed at voicing out its dissatisfactions against the Weah regime which it blamed for bad governance, leading to widespread suffering across the country.

However, at a crowded news conference held yesterday in Monrovia, Ambassador Brown disclosed that he was attacked by regime apologists but such attack will not scare him, but rather make him stronger.
According to him, only those who are comfortable with the high level of suffering in the country will stay away from the planned December 17 Peaceful Rally.

He accused the Weah administration of bullying ordinary Liberians, saying “people did not die in Liberia to see a careless government bullying and frightening people.”

Brown who is also former Lawmaker from Grand Bassa County during Liberia’s erstwhile National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) era described the attack against him as a cowardly act orchestrated by cowards.

“We will have our peaceful rally, it will be peaceful. This government will ensure that it is peaceful and we will be in the forefront of it,” he declared.

According to eye witnesses accounts, posted to social media on Monday Night, Brown, a former University of Liberia student leader, had gone to a newly established radio station-VOICE of Liberia FM on Capital Bye-Pass, Montserrado County District #8, in Central Monrovia, to give detailed reasons as regards the purpose of the much-heralded December 17 protest, styled: “WE TIYA SUFFERING.”
Electoral District #8 is believed to be the political stronghold of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) since 2005 Presidential and Legislative elections.

The District is being represented in the Lower House of Liberia’s bicameral Legislature by a stalwart of the governing CDC and Chair on the House Standing Committee on Executive, Moses Acarous Gray.
Ambassador Browne who is also former Minister of Foreign Affairs is also a strong critic of the CDC-led administration.

However, eye witnesses said, members of the mob began assembling before the local radio station when they heard Ambassador Brown, justifying the December 17 Rally.

According to eyewitnesses, the situation prompted the unidentified individuals to begin throwing stones and other missiles against the radio station and a black vehicle belonging to the former Liberian diplomat who is also referred to in some quarters of the Liberian nation as a firebrand politician and progressive advocate.

VOICE FM is widely listened to in Central Monrovia and other adjacent communities around Monrovia.
On multiple social media videos, Brown’s attackers could be heard chanting demeaning slogans against him such as, “rogue, rogue, rogue,…leave our place.”

Although, it is not yet established as to who was behind the missiles attack against the tough-talking politician, the area of the violent incident is stronghold of the ruling CDC.

Aimed at providing protection for Ambassador Browne, the Liberia National Police dispatched a gallant team of Police Support Unit on the scene of the Mob violence on Monday night.

Reports say the Police professionally escorted the former Liberian Envoy from the radio station unhurt.
It is also alleged that some individuals, believed to be diehard supporters of the governing CDC gathered outside the radio station, as they attempted to stop him from gaining access to the station, but their efforts did not materialize.

Unconfirmed report say Liberian Police arrested a number of persons following the clash on Monday night. There has been no formal statement so far from Police.

Ambassador Brown has served the Liberian nation in chains of crucial capacities.
He once served as Managing Director, Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC); former National Security Advisor to former President Charles Ghankay Taylor; former Minister of Foreign Affairs; former Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), Liberia’s former Permanent Representative to the UN, former Grand Bassa County Lawmaker, among others.

He was the Chief Negotiator for the former Government of Liberia at the 2003 peace conference that crafted the famous Comprehensive Peace Accord on Liberia (CPA) in Accra, Ghana, leading to the restoration of peace to Liberia, after more than a decade of internecine armed conflict.

He was also the Chairman for Mobilization of the National Football Team-male during the erstwhile regime of former President Taylor when George Weah, now incumbent President was serving the Liberia National soccer team, Lone Star, as Technical Director.

Ambassador Browne was recalled from his post at the UN and subsequently dismissed by President Weah for allegedly “voting against the Jewish state of Israel”, a traditional friend of Liberia.
But, he categorically refuted such claims, saying the Israel situation occurred during the erstwhile administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and not during Weah’s term.

Prior to joining Team Cummings, Ambassador Brown was a founding member of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) now headed by Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

However, some died-hard CDC loyalists posting on Liberian social media platforms said that the opposition has nothing to offer the Liberian people but rhetoric.

Teah Blamo, an apologist of George Weah’s CDC, in a rebuttal to the opposition said that the united opposition offers no alternative public policy ideas to be entrusted with the country’s leadership in 2023.

The incumbent Liberian President has been roundly criticized by opposition politicians and some ordinary citizens for allegedly “abandoning” the country since November 1st.

Howbeit, the Office of the Liberian President has dismissed criticisms of his prolonged absence. A Presidential Affairs release issued recently listed benefits of President Weah’s trip such as the commitment of the Government of Qatar to provide funding for the second phase of the pavement of Gbarnga-Mendikorma Highway Project (Lofa Road) which President Weah considers a “critical national infrastructure.”

Also, justifying President Weah’s travel, Maritime Commissioner Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who is also out of the country, said that the Liberian Chief Executive’s trip has been underwritten in part by the Government Morocco that made its Presidential plane available and also pledged to expand the Free Port of Liberia.

Meanwhile, no official report from the Liberia National Police with respect to the Monday night incident.
Several phones calls made to Police authorities by this paper to ascertain information as it relates to the December 5 violent incident proved unsuccessful as their phones were reportedly switched off up late last night.

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