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For Presidency: Count On Me …Lusene Kamara Pleads With Liberians

by News Manager

By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: The new political leader of the opposition All Liberia Coalition Party, (ALCOP), Lusinee F. Kamara, has called on Liberians at home and abroad to support his desire to become President of Liberia.

Mr. Kamara, who once served as Speaker of the erstwhile Interim Legislative Assembly during Liberia’s civil war, representing the defunct ULIMO-K warring faction, then headed, by Alhaji G. V. Kromah (late), said if he is elected as President of Liberia, he will use his office for the benefit of all Liberians and open the gates of opportunities for all Liberians.

The ALCOP flag-bearer, among other things, said he is the only aspirant for the Liberian Presidency who believes in growth and development of the country.

“If there is only one candidate in the race for the presidency who believes in a better Liberia; who is prepared to work hard for this goal; to use the office of the president to benefit the people and open the gates of opportunities to every Liberian –I am that candidate.

“You can count on me. I am your friend, son, brother, and uncle,” he stressed.

According to Kamara, who is also former Minister of Finance, the current state of the Liberian nation leaves much to be desired, as the country is in dire need of rescue by no other group of people, but Liberians.

Kamara, who is also renowned business tycoon averred that his heart is truly prepared and set for the demands of the country’s leadership.

Mr. Kamara wonders whether there is any politician in Liberia with vast experience that can champion private sector innovation which is required to stimulate the nation’s economy.

Kamara: “If your worry is about economic growth and opportunities for everybody, then, we are the closest choice for you. If you want private sector innovations and management skills, combined with leadership experience of government institutions to inform sound decisions-making; then, we are the closest choice for you,” he declared.

Detailing his national development agenda, Kamara, who is also an Insurance expert noted that Liberians can be assured that Justice system will be effectively addressed under his administration if he is given the presidential mandate by the Liberian people during the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

With the vision to inspire people, the ALCOP Standard Bearer was quick to mention that social progress is a systematic collective effort and not automatic individual’s magic as it is being portrayed by other politicians in the country.

“With me, as honest, pragmatic and committed torch-bearer setting the trends; and you following this principle and moving in unison, economic, social and political progress will surrender to us as a Nation and people,” he declared amidst tumultuous applauds by surging crowd of his supporters and well-wishers.

According to him, ALCOP’s agenda is one that factored in policies aimed at caring for the citizenry and ensuring dignity for the human person.

The Party is also seeking to meet the expectations of not only the ordinary people but also international partners who are interested in the country’s domestic policies that seek to improve the living conditions of the people and external policies that contribute to world peace.

Kamara: “I urge you to stand up against division. Together we can change more minds and deliver enough votes, comes 2023. I ask you to join us in uniting Liberians behind our vision – to reject division and false alarms. I want you to tell the world that Liberia is coming back and, together with our partners and allies in the international community, we can add to world peace and economic prosperity for the benefit of our respective Nations and people,” he stressed.

The All Liberia Coalition Party as an opposition party has a long standing in the country’s history given the role played by its late political leader, Alhaji G.V. Kromah.

According to WIKIPEDIA: ‘The All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) is a political party in Liberia. In the last elections held on 19 July 1997, the ALCOP presidential candidate Alhaji G.V. Kromah won 4.02% of the votes.

The party won 3 of 64 seats in the House of Representatives and 2 of 26 in the Senate.

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