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LEC Back To Load Shedding Until… … Urges Customers to “Turn Off Appliances And Lights When Not In Use”

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MONROVIA: The Management of the state-owned Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has announced that energy consumption has increased significantly, thus impacting the supply of energy of available energy.

According to the LEC press release issued in Monrovia on January 17, 2023, in order to meet the needs of all customers, it has become necessary to institute “limited load shedding.”

The LEC noted that, the network peak load has increased from an average load of 55MW to as high as 73.2MW during the evening hours.

The LEC release added that the corporation contracted 27MW from CI Energies of the Ivory Coast to help compensate for its energy supply deficit, which represents the maximum allocation available to each CLSG country.

The release indicated that, as a result of the increase in energy demand, LEC has exceeded its allocation from CI Energies.

Consequently, the release stated, CI Energies has informed the LEC that it cannot provide additional energy at this time because of limited energy supply.

Furthermore, energy supplied from Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant has declined due to low water levels. The release stressed that in addition to the 27MW supplied by CI Energies, LEC can generate up to 18.5MW from Mt. Coffee, depending on water inflow, and has additional installed thermal generation capacity of 28MW.

“LEC will meet a demand of approximately 50MW this dry season, compared to the 14MW supplied during the last dry season. It is therefore expected that load shedding will be limited in scope and duration, lasting until the return of the rainy season in June 2023.

LEC urges its customers to conserve energy and turn off appliances and lights when not in use, especially during the evening hours when consumption is exceedingly high. Energy conservation by consumers will reduce the energy demand and the level of load shedding. Load shedding schedules will be managed hourly and daily in response to peaks in energy consumption.

The Management of LEC assures its customers that additional supply of electricity is planned for the next dry season to address the perennial problem of energy supply deficit in the dry season.

LEC expresses its appreciation to its customers for their understanding and cooperation.

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