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“Looters of Our Money Will Give Account” …UP Vows Ahead of 2023 Polls

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MONROVIA: With about ten months to the conduct of Liberia’s crucial Presidential and Legislative elections, the National Chairman of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), Dr. Luther Tarpeh, has called on Liberians to rescue the country from the hands of President George Manneh Weah and his government.

Dr. Tarpeh alleged that President Weah and his officials are not only stealing from the Liberian nation, but they have effectively reduced the country to a laughing stock among the comity of nations.

He added that Liberia can be rescued if incumbent President Weah is defeated at the polls in October.
But President Weah has constantly rejected these allegations of corruption and abuse, adding that if the oppositions find any of my official corrupt, take he\she to court.

Speaking on Monday, when he visited a Pro-Joseph Boakai group, styled: “Friends of Boakai, “on Carey Street, in Central Monrovia, the UP Chairman stated that Liberians who are professionals and technocrats should not sit on the fence and allow people who are not properly prepared to govern the country.

According to him, if Liberians who are competent to serve the nation continue to take the back seat in the nation’s political and governance arena, and “at this time of bad governance under President Weah, the future of Liberian children would be uncertain.”

Chairman Tarpeh maintains that the Unity Party (UP), with Joseph Boakai as its Standard Bearer, is well “prepared to retire incumbent President Weah and “his boys who have looted the state’s money over the past five years in power.”

He stressed that those who allegedly looting the Liberian people money will be held accountable for their actions.

According to Tarpeh, being in government is an opportunity to serve the country and its citizenry and not to steal its financial and other resources.

The Unity Party urged Liberians to do the right thing for the Country and their children by removing Weah from the Presidency, and to replace him with former Vice President Boakai.

According to him, Boakai subscribes to better governing system for all Liberians.

“The widespread corruption under the George Weah led government has betrayed the dream under which Liberia was founded,” Tarpeh declared.

Tarpeh pointed out that lack of respect for the rule of law, corruption; among others remain major challenges in Liberia.

“To resurrect the betrayed dream begins with Liberians supporting and voting for candidates who are willing to summon a new dawn of zero tolerance against corruption and other vices,” he emphasized. .

He stressed the need for equal application of the laws of the country, regardless of one’s status in the society.

He said the 2023 elections will provide the opportunity for all Liberians, especially the eligible voters to teach corrupt and abusive government officials a new lesson that government is an avenue to serve, and not an avenue for stealing and cruelty.

He urged Liberians to vote for Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai who is willing to summon a new dawn in Liberia, beginning with the presidency.

However, the Government of President George Manneh Weah, has consistently refuted claims of its involvement in corruption.

The Government contends that such claims are unsubstantiated and they are only being concocted by its political opponents for their own pecuniary gains.

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