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Witherspoon Risks 20 Years Imprisonment …As US Indicts Him For Alleged Wire Fraud

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By: H. Richard Fallah

FLORIDA, USA: United States Attorney`s Office in the Southern district of Florida Department of Justice has indicted the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Spoon Media Group of Companies, Stanton Witherspoon.

Mr. Witherspoon is among twenty-five (25) others charged by the United States Government in connection to their alleged involvement in a fraudulent Nursing Diploma Scheme.

According to a release, dated Wednesday, January 25, 2023, and published on the official website of the US Attorney`s Office, Southern District of Florida, Witherspoon, along with others participated in a wire fraud scheme that created an illegal licensing and employment shortcut for aspiring nurses.

According to three recently unsealed indictments returned by a South Florida Federal Grand Jury and two information’s filed by Federal Prosecutors, the Defendants engaged in a scheme to sell fraudulent nursing degree diplomas and transcripts, obtained from accredited Florida –based nursing schools to individuals seeking licenses and jobs as registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical /vocational nurses (LPN/VNs).

The release says, the bogus diplomas and transcripts qualified purchasers were to sit for the national nursing board exam and, after passing it, to obtain licenses and jobs in various states as RNs and LPN/VNs.

The overall scheme, according to the release, involved the distribution of more than 7,600 fake nursing diplomas, issued by three South Florida –based nursing schools: Siena College in Broward County, Fla., Palm Beach School of Nursing in Palm Beach County, Fla., and Sacred Heart International Institute in Broward County. These schools are now closed according to the report.

“Not only is this a public safety concern, it also tarnishes the reputation of nurses who actually complete the demanding clinical and course work required to obtain their professional licenses and employment,” said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Markenzy Lapoint.

He added that “a fraud scheme like this erodes public trust in our healthcare system.”
Attorney Lapointe says, such crimes, unfortunately continue to spring up, especially in the nursing field.
The charges related to fraudulent Nursing Diplomas and Transcripts from Siena College with title U.S. v. Witherspoon, et al., case no.: 23-60005Cr-Smith explained that the indictment charges defendants Stanton Witherspoon of Burlington County N.J.; Alfred Sellu of Burlington County N.J.; and Rene Bernadel of Westchester County, N.Y. with conspiring to commit and committing wire fraud.

The Indictment alleges that the Spoon TV/FM Chief Executive, Witherspoon and others solicited and recruited individuals who sought nursing credentials to gain employment as an RN or LPN/VN.
It is alleged that these defendants arranged with Stanton, who managed Siena College and is charged by information with wire fraud conspiracy, to create and distribute false and fraudulent diplomas and transcripts.

These fake documents, according to the indictment, represented that the aspiring RN and LPN/VN candidates had attended Siena College`s nursing program in Broward County and completed the necessary courses and clinical to obtain RN or LPN/VN diplomas while in facts, the aspiring nurses never completed the necessary courses and clinical.

According to research, these cases were investigated by: the FBI Miami and HHS-OIG Miami with valuable assistance provided by Homeland Security Investigations, Miami Field Office; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-office of inspector General; United States Postal Inspection Service among several other U.S. based integrity institutions.

Suspect Witherspoon is the CEO and owner of the Spoon Media Group of Companies located in Oldest Congo town, outside Monrovia, which includes several radio stations across Liberia.

Stanton Witherspoon has been serving as the ‘Lead-Host’ and presenter of the “SPOON TALK” on Spoon Online Television with relay via Spoon FM, Fabric FM and Liberty FM.

Some Liberian political commentators who prefer not to be named for this story are of the view that Witherspoon is popular in Liberia for his strong stance against Liberian politicians, and critical analyses of national issues, at times, flip-flopping between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), ahead of the October 2023 presidential and legislative elections in Liberia.

If found guilty, Stanton Witherspoon, along with others risk up to twenty (20) years in prison”, the released said.

Since the news broke out early Thursday, there has been mixed views amongst followers of Witherspoon and other Liberians.

Some individuals have been doubting the information, saying they want to hear it from Witherspoon himself, while others are saying they don’t have to wait for the Spoon FM CEO to speak first before believing the information.

The non-doubters of the Witherspoon and others’ indictment report, believe that as long as said information is on the official webpage of the U.S. Department of State, it is factual.
Meanwhile, Witherspoon is yet to officially react to his reported indictment by the American government.

He is currently residing in the US and yet to be reached by this paper for comment on his reported indictment by the United States Department of Justice.

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