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I Need US$3bn To Build Liberia’s Roads …New Presidential Hopeful Clarence Moniba Speaks Out

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By H. Richard Fallah

MONROVIA: As the country gets prepared for the October Presidential and Legislative elections, many names continue to surface with usual political promises taking the center stage.

Amongst the many names permeating the political corridors of the country is Dr. Clarence K. Moniba, the youngest son of former vice President of Liberia, Dr. Harry F. Moniba who served the country in that capacity from 1984 to 1990.

Speaking recently with a local media (Bushrod radio) Dr. Clarence Moniba expressed his interest in the presidency of the country, nothing how he wants to give Liberians a better Liberia. “We need a better country, he asserted.

Moniba says Liberia needs a leader who will focus on infrastructure developments and make sure all counties capitols are connected with roads. “Connecting the counties capitols with roads is important and we must focus on that,” he noted.

The newest Presidential aspirant said, he will only need three billions (US$3bn) to build all of the roads in the country, promising, after six years of his leadership as President, if elected, all of the roads in Liberia will be paved.

Moniba did not however, state his stance on the implementation of the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report, which, among others, calls for setting up of a war and economic crimes Court of Liberia, when asked by reporters.

The newest presidential hopeful, preferred focusing more on improving the socio-economic conditions of Liberians. ‘’Even though the TRC report is important, but my focus is to make Liberians who are living today, have a better living standards,” he said.

He has, at the same time, envisaged an education sector under his leadership wherein those graduating from high schools in Liberia, will have free two years of vocational and technical education.

He also assured improved healthcare sector whereby every district will have a state of the art medical center with John F. Kennedy hospital on the other hand, becoming one of the best hospitals in Africa.
As it is a glaring fact that Liberia continues to struggle in the Agriculture sector, with the country lacking behind when it comes to producing its own stable food, RICE, Dr. Moniba promised to make Liberia a self-sufficient nation in rice production.

“In our first six years of our leadership, we will make Liberia self-sufficient in rice production,” he further promised.

Moniba says he sees no reason why Liberia should not be able to grow its own stable food (rice), especially having one of the best soils in Africa.
Meanwhile, Dr. Moniba has strongly condemned continuous corruption in the country. He said it is time for people to be held accountable for what they took illegally from the state.

Moniba believes if Liberians continue to prove that corruption is not an enemy to the state, it is sign of encouraging people to become corrupt more.

“If the leader is straight, everyone will be straight, and that`s why the example should start from the top,” Moniba stated.

Moniba indicated that he has come to help fix the system and that`s why he wants Liberians to focus on who is more qualified and competent to lead the country and not about age or body size.
“I am not here to just run to be President and if I am not successful, then I go back, no, I am here to help build Liberia,” he narrated.

He furthered bragged about his father, former Vice President, Dr. Harry F. Moniba’s integrity in public service.

Clarence Moniba said he is proud of his father, the late Harry F. Moniba, for serving the country as Vice President without any stint of stealing public money.

Dr. Clarence K. Moniba is a former Liberian government official who served as the youngest minster of state without portfolio, as well as former Chairman of the Board Directors of the Electricity Corporation during the administration Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

He was a principal Advisor and project Manager to former President Johnson-Sirleaf and leading figure on infrastructure development in Liberia from 2014-2018.

Moniba in previous roles has worked with the African Development Banks High Level Panel on Post Conflict and Fragile states, as well as the United Nations Post 2015 Development Agenda, and has now come back to Liberia to contest for the nations highest seat, the Presidency.

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