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Witherspoon Breaks Silence On Indictment For Wire Fraud …Says Liberians Must Remember Him In Prayers

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FLORIDA, USA: “My fellow Liberians, with a very heavy heart, I bring you greetings today. Despite all we have heard about my challenges, I feel a sense of obligation to address you all today.”

The above mentioned words were made by Stanton Witherspoon, who, along with more than 20 others has been indicted by the Government of the United States for alleged wire fraud.

Witherspoon: “However, I certainly hope that we can all appreciate that I am restricted from going into additional details beyond this, for now, on the expressed advice and instructions of my legal team.

“While I am very aware of your desire to get even more details on these charges, I can only appeal to you all to let the investigation and legal process play out. While temptation pushes me to address this matter in far more detail, I have to abide by my legal team’s instructions.

“Like a patient following a doctor’s orders, it is my legal team’s work in this matter that will bring the best legal resolution. It is my legal team, and not even myself personally, who is in direct, regular contact with the investigating authorities and it is their advice that guides me in addressing it.

“My friends and fellow Liberians, to those of you, who out of humanity, decency, and sheer kindness, whether you vehemently disagree with me or not, have reached out with messages of encouragement, publicly rejected the condemnation, or just remembered me and my family in your prayers, I thank God for the better angels that you are and wish you all well. I only ask for your continued prayers and encouragement for my family and me.

“At the appropriate time, I hope that the full facts will provide the necessary clarity on this matter.

“Going forward, in this very pivotal election season, Spoon Talk will continue its commitment to keep the Liberian people informed globally and provide education leading up to the presidential and general elections. Our commitment to our people does not take a backseat to our trials and challenges.

“There is a greater being who orders our paths and steps, certainly mine. I thank you.”

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