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SOS Children Villages-Liberia Dedicates Modern Playground

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BUCHANAN: SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia, over the weekend, dedicated a new playground for children in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.
The playground will enable children to Laugh, Learn and Play.

According to a release by SOS, the Development Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Flee Glay; Buchanan City Mayor, Moses Haynes; SOS Children’s Village in Liberia’s Acting National Director, Prosper Ndione; Grand Bassa County Head for Liberia National Police (LNP’s) Women & Children Protection Section, Dennice Sackie; Children Representative, Lisa Browne; and students gathered to celebrate the dedication of the new playground.
The SOS release, quoting Mayor Haynes as saying, this was an exciting day for the children of Buchanan to have a new and beautiful playground.
Mayor Haynes: “Thank SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia for funding this playground project. The City Corporation is glad to partner with SOS Children’s Villages for the construction of the playground,” Major Haynes added. The Play Ground was constructed on ‘Fair-Ground’, which is hosting both the Buchanan City Hall and Liberia National Police among others.
Buchanan where the playground is situated is a port city, which is 113 km Southeast of Monrovia, the Capital of Liberia.
It is the second largest city in Liberia, with a population of 34,270 people, according to the 2008 National Population and Housing Census report.

“The playground will provide opportunities for children to stay away from the streets, especially on holidays,” added Development Superintendent Flee Glee.
He applauded SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia “for the support towards our children.”
“The government of Liberia cannot do everything. You have always been there. There is no doubt you are our true partner,” he emphasized.
The project is part of the SOS Children’s Villages- Liberia’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Programme (CERP), funded by the Hermann Gmeiner Fund Deutschland of Germany.

Thousands of children in Liberia witnessed the death of their relatives and loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

The goal of the project is to enhance the development of children and reduce the impacts of COVID-19.

Every child has the right to play, education, and protection. Recognizing these rights, a once abandoned place, was transformed into a beloved destination for children.
Children Representative, Lisa Browne, thanked SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia for the playground.

“I am happy to be part of this program. Many children will have the opportunity to play. This is a special day for all of us,” said Lisa.

The construction of the playground is yet another testimony of SOS Children’s Villages desire and vision to reach many more children.

Acting National Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia, Prosper Ndione, noted that the project is a result of combined efforts in relation to the partnership between SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia, the funder, Hermann Gmeiner Fund Deutschland, with support of the county authorities.

In addition to the newly constructed playground, the organization has ten (10) integrated families with fifty-nine (59) children under the family-like (alternative) care programme.
In partnership with the government of Liberia and other stakeholders, SOS Children’s Villages-Liberia has invested in Grand Bassa over the past 23 years.
Currently, SOS Children’s Villages-Liberia is supporting ninety-six (96) families, three hundred seventy-three (373) children, and young people through a family-strengthening programme in Buchanan and its surrounding communities.

“We need to go the extra mile. Children, young people, and their families need more social and political will, We call on the government and partners to invest urgently in services that give children and young people the best start in life. Increasing investment in child and youth development is a critical step government can, and should take,” says Prosper Ndione.

Mr. Ndione urged Grand Bassa County authorities to allocate a substantial amount of the county’s social development funds to children’s development and youth empowerment.

Special remarks were made by Prosper Mamadou Ndione, Acting National Director of SOS Children’s Villages- Liberia at the official dedication ceremony of the children’s playground in Buchanan.

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