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I Will Lift Liberia” …Weah Assures; As He Craves Second Term

“To Higher Standard:
I Will Lift Liberia” …Weah Assures; As He Craves Second Term

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MONROVIA: The Political leader of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), George Manneh Weah, has disclosed that when he is re-elected as President of Liberia he will further improve the lives of all Liberians.

Incumbent President Weah, while admitting that the challenges of leadership have been enormous, stressed that in each of said challenges, he has seen opportunities to make things better for the country.

Weah noted that this transformation agenda, as captured in the ruling CDC’s flagship national development plan, styled: “Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD)” is on course. The President however indicated that it will take some time before the plan is fully realized.

The Liberia Leader made the statements Saturday, February 4th 2023, at the famous Antoinette Tubman Stadium on Lynch Street in Central Monrovia, when he was nominated by the Coalition for Democratic Change to seek re-election.

He disclosed that, over the last five years of his leadership, Liberia has made tremendous progress in the implementation and management of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.
According to him, during the over five years of his leadership as President of Liberia, the Government has have taken many bold initiatives for the growth and prosperity of the country.

He added that some of the initiatives are strategic approaches to national development.
He indicated that some initiatives were tested formulas for nation-building, but they were all designed to work together to lift Liberia and Liberians to a higher standard of living.

He told the huge crowds of CDC partisans that, as they come to the end of his first six years leadership, for which they gathered in their numbers to re-nominate him (Weah) for the Nation’s Presidency, it is his intention to seek a second term mandate from the Liberian people to continue the good works of his hands and to also complete the unfinished but imperative agenda.
“I am sure that they will respond positively to our promise of Change for Hope, and I am sure also that they will have even more reasons to do so, now that they have seen the Change that you can depend on” Weah, a former global soccer star, turned politician emphasized.
He told his fellow CDC Partisans and the Liberian people that, he was pleased to accept their nomination to seek a second six-year-mandate.

He emphasized that the full support of Liberians, at all levels, his resounding victory at the October polls is assured.
President Weah used the occasion to welcome all of CDC partisans “who once left the party to seek what they mistakenly thought were better opportunities in other Political Parties only to discover that there is nothing better than the CDC.”
“This is where you belong, and this is where you will remain, welcome back home partisans, we love you,” he stated.

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