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Today Is World Radio Day

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MONROVIA: Radio is an outstanding facet of today’s world. It is a powerful tool and medium for presenting diverse problems of humanity and as well celebrates the difference in all societies.

Since its invention in 1895, radio has remained the most instantaneous source of communication globally. Radio has the ability to cover large number of people in short time.
In Liberia, radio has contributed to cementing peace in the country after the bloody civil war. The United Nations Peacekeeping Force at the time used radio to disarm warring former factions.

Up to present, the device’s influence has grown to the extent that politicians’ see it as a medium through which influences are peddled to their advantage. Today, radio has spread all over Liberia owned by government, religious groupings, politicians, private individuals and entities. Of this number, community radio stations are an important portion.
This year’s international theme for World Radio Day is “Radio and Peace”. Locally, the Press Union of Liberia is celebrating it under the theme: “Celebrating Radio to Sustain Peace ahead of the 2023 Elections”.
Ahead of the 2023 Presidential and legislative Elections, some radio stations have realigned their contents with rival political parties and civil interest groups. Some of the radio stations are operating under pseudo independent status while fronting for politicians. This content being generated to set the agenda for the conduct of the elections in October and govern the country afterward is problematic. It is worth noting that radio and its operators be reminded that peace is significant to the service of all humanity. Radio stations are certainly required to inform the public about the maintenance of peace during and after elections.
In this regard, all talk-shows across Liberia are kindly requested to host a panel to discuss the contribution of radio to humanity and the role radio can play in sustaining peace during and after elections. Reporters working with radio stations are required to do broadcast pieces on the role radio can play in maintaining peace during and after elections in Liberia. The radio piece can be aired on Monday, February 13, 2023.
On World Radio Day 2023, the Press Union of Liberia highlights radio contribution to peace during and after elections in Liberia as important civic duty to the country and its people.

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